Justin Timberlake Admits Manicured Backstreet Cuter Than *NSYNC

Not only does star admit to smokin’ blunts with Nelly in the December issue of FHM magazine, but he takes offense to interviewer Rory Buckeridge’s assertion that the Backstreet Boys are a better looking band than *NSYNC. “You think they’re better-looking band than us?,” Timberlake asked, before breaking down and admitting, “Yeah, you’re right, I guess they are. Kevin [Richardson] is a pretty little motherfu**er. We’re just not as manicured as the Backstreet Boys.” On the elaborate beard’s sported off and on by the members, most notably AJ McLean, Timberlake said, “That thing looks like it takes hours to do. That bitch has it’s own agent. You gotta love it though.”

Bubblegum Babylon

November 9, 2002 – Contributed by elgato: Misha from the Backstreet Boys forum at Live Daily says VH1 is airing a show called ‘Bubblegum Babylon’ where teen idols and pop stars past and present discuss the perils and pitfalls of stardom. Some of the artists appearing during the 120 minute special are the Monkees, Tiffany, Leif Garrett, the Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, and David Cassidy. It airs at 9 PM ET/PT on Wednesday, November 20th.

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