Justin Timberlake Answers Some Britney Spears Questions

Contributed by nellysgirl: Simon Hattenstone gets to sit down with the birthday boy, Justin Timberlake. The star was interviewed about music, love, and even Britney Spears.

When asked if he was with Britney at the time he said, “No, I’m not with anybody right now. I’m single. It doesn’t mean I’m not dating … I’m new to the whole dating thing. It’s very weird. But I’m single, I don’t want a girlfriend.”

Justin Timberlake was also asked why he doesn’t ant a girlfriend, he said, “It’s pointless looking for love.” At the moment Justin has a single called ‘Cry Me a River’. Was it about Britney? He says, “Not necessarily. The video or the song? The song was inspired by the rhythm, and the song was inspired by the way I felt. Take that and interpret it whichever way you want. The video was brought to me by the director.”

Read the entire interview here.

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