Justin Timberlake Answers Some Britney Spears Questions

Contributed by nellysgirl: Simon Hattenstone gets to sit down with the birthday boy, . The *NSYNC star was interviewed about music, love, and even .

When asked if he was with Britney at the time he said, “No, I’m not with anybody right now. I’m single. It doesn’t mean I’m not dating … I’m new to the whole dating thing. It’s very weird. But I’m single, I don’t want a girlfriend.”

Justin Timberlake was also asked why he doesn’t ant a girlfriend, he said, “It’s pointless looking for love.” At the moment Justin has a single called ‘Cry Me a River’. Was it about Britney? He says, “Not necessarily. The video or the song? The song was inspired by the rhythm, and the song was inspired by the way I felt. Take that and interpret it whichever way you want. The video was brought to me by the director.”

Read the entire interview here.

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