Justin Timberlake Arrives At Law Office

Last week, pictures of Star Justin Timberlake at a law office in Los Angeles began to float around the web. It was assumed that Justin was attending lawsuits that *NSYNC recently faced for a former tour manager’s discrimination claims. However, the Associated Press reports that Justin was researching his role in the upcoming flick, ‘Edison’. He created quite a stir as he filled out an application for legal documents and pored over them with Porterfield in a public viewing area for about 45 minutes. Justin tagged along Bob Porterfield, a reporter for the AP. Porterfield was impressed with how sharp and attentive Justin was. He says, “I thought he was sharp. He seemed attentive and interested in learning this stuff. He has a real interest in developing his part. He took quite a few notes.” The article also notes that Justin gave autographs to the man for his granddaughter and neice. HeraldTribune.com has since removed the story.

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