Justin Timberlake At Britney Spears’ LA Show?

Contributed anonymously:

I was at Britney Spears’ Los Angeles stop of the Onyx Tour on Monday (March 8), and I was sitting in the floor level (F2). Up to my left there was a balcony which was coming from the club seating area. Towards the end of the show, there was a huge buzz going around that someone had spotted of *NSYNC. Of course, everyone was looking for him and finally we all spotted him sitting in those club seats. He was in an orange shirt, sunglasses and a baseball cap. He looked like he was enjoying the show from what I saw but as soon as Britney came back on stage for ‘Me Against The Music’, he disappeared. He was there with a few other guys and some older woman, whom I am guessing was his mother.

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