Justin Timberlake & Britney Spears ‘Not Completely Broken Up’

Roger Friedman of Fox News spoke to of outside of ‘The Sweetest Thing’ premiere in New York on Monday. Lance said when asked if bandmate was really broken up with Britney Spears, “She came on the road with us right after the Grammys and they were bickering all the time. They’re still bickering, and they’re not completely broken up.” Lance also spoke more about his space mission that has him learning to speak Russian. Read more.

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3 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake & Britney Spears ‘Not Completely Broken Up’

  1. Syndney says:

    Wow that was alot of information to air out? I wonder how Justin and Britney feel that Lance is talking a storm.

  2. BlackQueen says:

    Perhaps he didn’t say anything and his words were misconstrued. I watched ET, and he said nothing of the sort. I read an earlier post by popdirt.com, today, and it said he said nothing containing to that..In fact all they wrote he said, was the exact same thing his mother said in teenpeople (was it teen people?) I don’t care…

    Not all news is credible, especially news from entertainment magazines. They’re gonna lie to you just to entertain you.

  3. LilMands82 says:

    He doesn’t have an ego…and 2 of their last singles have been on urban radio…plus he ISN’T going anywhere so its not like it makes a difference.

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