Justin Timberlake Calls Into TRL Friday

NSYNC’s Justin called into TRL Friday after Joey and talked of his feelings following the horrific events in New York, D.C., and Pennsylvania on Tuesday. Read on for a full transcript.

Carson: Thank you. Justin are you there?

Justin: Yeah I’m here.

Carson: How are you man?

Justin: Good and you.

Carson: You know. It is stuff.

Justin: Yeah.

Carson: Stuff for everybody. It is stuff being here in New York to be honest with you.

Justin: I’m sure it is and, um, I known hit he with a lot of people who are callin’ in today because everybody was just there for the VMAs but I can tell you we have all said a million prayers and, um, I think that is the best thing we can do right now.

Carson: Have you had a chance to contact your family, I know long-distance lines are down.

Justin: Yeah I’ve talked to my family and all my friends and everybody, everybody I’ve talked there hasn’t been one person who hasn’t known or been affected by what’s going on. I mean I know someone who worked close to us on our crew was on one of those plays.

Carson: Yeah, Joey told us.

Justin: And it just hit home with so many different people and, you know, I feel saddened and I get a bit of anxiety about it lately just because our unity and our spirituality has been definitely challenged as humans and I’m hearin’ all these wonderful things about people goin’ down and volunteering and giving blood and the fact they already have too much of it and it puts a smile on my face and i think there have tests that have been put before us and I think we are passin’ ’em but, i mean, it’s tough. Like everybody said it is just tough and i think we should all, like John just said, show a sense of morale try to keep this whole way of life goin’.

Carson: You are inarguably the world’s biggest pop group. What do you say to your fans, the people that buy *NSYNC’s music at a time like this and on live television, what is — ’cause they look up to you and buy the magazines and watch you on TRL everything that comes out of your mouth is so important and a tragedy like this, what do you say to the fans?

Justin: Uh, i think what I’d say to them is, you know, no matter if you, you know, Muslim, Buddhist, Christian, say your prayers because there is one thing that we all celebrate and I said it when I stepped up to the podium for our first VMA Award, let’s celebrate the gift of life and that’s something we all can agree with, we are all different but all human and that makes us all family and, um, I mean that’s the main thing that I want everybody to understand is that it doesn’t matter what it is, we are all human and we all should — should grow to love each other, so ….

Carson: Does *NSYNC regroup at what point what timeline are you on, here we are coming into a weekend the President is in New York, having a national day of remembrance. Everybody is praying but i think everybody is just bracing themselves for — for what? For World War III? I mean something is going to go down.

Justin: Yeah, I think there is definitely somethin’ gonna come out of this i don’t think we’re all gonna like to see but I can honestly tell you we are puttin’ our heads together with our management trying to come up with a really great way to help everyone in need of this and we’ll all do what we can. I know everybody — everybody is doin’ wha they can and I think the whole world is on pause right now, as far a goin’ on with what they thought was important because, you know, is what is important and, um, I — I can definitely tell you you’ll be the first to hear about it when we do come up with our way to help.

Carson: All right. Justin we appreciate you calling in.

Justin: Thank you.

Carson: Our best to your family as well and sorry to hear about your laws, as well.

Justin: Thank you.

Carson: We’ll talk to you soon.

Justin: God bless.

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