Justin Timberlake Causes 7-Eleven Hat & Shirt Shortage

Carson Daly told viewers on MTV’s Total Request Live on Friday that *NSYNC star has created a shortage of 7-Eleven hats and shirts, which sell for about 8 bucks at the 24-hour chain. Timberlake he wears the 7-Eleven fashion in his debut solo video for ‘Like I Love You’, leading many to wonder if there was financial considerations for the not-so-subtle blended advertisement.

Alyssa Milano Mum On Dating Reports To FHM

October 11, 2002 – Entertainment Tonight reports Alyssa doesn’t tell FHM magazine whether or not she’s datingJustin, though she did wear a ‘J’ pendant for her photo shoot. Alyssa says she has seven tattoos, and despite rumors, the one on her back doesn’t say “heartbreaker,” it’s a sacred heart.

Justin’s Biggest Lie Was Saying He Wasn’t Dating Britney

October 11, 2002 – *NSYNC star was on ‘The Fridge’, an MTV Europe show where he was promoting his debut solo single ‘Like I Love You’. Justin admitted the biggest lie he ever told was “probably when I said that I wasn’t dating Britney, because it was pretty obvious. That’s all I can think of. I am not a liar so..” As for how it felt being without his *NSYNC bandmates, Justin admitted it was “different” adding that he missed some of the stuff they used to do, but it also is nice being on his own. Read more.

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2 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake Causes 7-Eleven Hat & Shirt Shortage

  1. pao says:

    OMG, I remember that. I love Justin Timberlake and I’m so glad he isn’t with NSYNC.

  2. Jessica Kirkpatrick says:

    oh my god, I want that shirt too so I’ve can used it everyday, where can I find it??????????

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