Justin Timberlake & Christina Aguilera Pair Up, But Will We Pay Up?

The New York Post reports that the tour team-up of *NSYNC star and was prompted by necessity according to an insider. “Justin is opening up for Christina because he didn’t sell as many albums as she did, but – get this – together they don’t even have enough pulling power to sell out arenas,” the insider laughed. Promoters tell their label BMG that research shows the pair will have to play in 10,000-seat “theaters,” and while BMG hoped to nab $75 a ticket, they’ll have to settle for $35. A Jive rep responded to the charge saying, “The tour is an equal, co-headlining tour. Theaters were never even considered, it will be a multi-city arena tour. Tickets were priced relative to the economy and will be relatively cheap – $75 is way off. Justin and Christina sold about the same number of albums.”

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