Justin Timberlake Discusses Michael Jackson’s Influence

GMTV’s Lorraine Kelly met Justin Timberlake and his friend Trace Ayala when the pair were in London promoting the new William Rast line. The former *NSYNC star talked about how they met, how Justin’s girlfriend Jessica Biel wears his designs and “constantly is telling me she needs a new pair of jeans”, and his thoughts on the passing of Michael Jackson.

“Michael is a huge influence,” Timberlake said. “Stevie Wonder is a huge influence. Prince was a huge influence, but there is something about Michael and his presentation of his music that I think influenced the world. It opened the minds of the world. I don’t think anyone could present a song better than he could. I think that there’s a million songs that have been written over time that are amazing works of art, but there’s something about Michael’s stage presence that will never, ever, ever be duplicated. There’s really only one Michael Jackson.”

The interview video at YouTube has since been removed.

Diprivan Found In Michael Jackson’s Home

July 4, 2009 – ‘Larry King Live’ fill-in host Anderson Cooper and panelists discussed the drug Diprivan that was found in Michael’s home, as well as the singer’s last rehearsal. Video of the segment, aired Friday (July 3), has since been removed at Turner.com.

Cancerous Lesion Removed From Jackson’s Nose Days Before Death

July 4, 2009 – Biographer Diane Dimond and an unnamed family source tell Us Weekly that Michael Jackson had a cancerous lesion removed from his nose days before his death. “Last week, I had two real sources call me and say he’s getting surgery right now for removal of skin cancer off his nose,” Dimond said. “This is not a man who suffers pain well. He likes painkillers. So he got some from here, he got some from there – who knows how much.” Read more.

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