Justin Timberlake Enlists Rick Rubin For New LP

spoke with MTV News about his sophomore solo album, which sees the star team up with an unlikely producer, Rick Rubin. “Interestingly enough – this is funny how our community works – I saw Chris Rock out one night and he said, ‘You know who you should work with? Rick Rubin. He never does anything bad,'” Timberlake said Wednesday. “I was like, ‘You got a point.’ I never thought about it myself … And then I saw him at Coachella. I was standing in the middle of the crowd and I went up and approached him.” Timberlake added, “He’s a nice guy and cool and humble and obviously a genius, and I’m looking forward to hearing myself do something I’ve never done. He was like, ‘I’m not going to influence you. I want you to do what you do.’ And that’s such a comforting thing as an artist.”

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