Justin Timberlake Entering Restaurant Business

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According To MTV News, *NSYNC star is joining forces with L.A. bar owners Art and Allan Davis to open a restaurant and club called Chi. The *NSYNC star met the Davis brothers at their other establishments, Lounge and A.D., and joined in on the project midway. Justin was drawn to the restaurant’s dim sum menu plans, being a big fan of the Chinese cuisine featuring small portions of a variety of foods.

“He was in over the weekend and ordered about every dim sum item on the menu and four bottles of Cristal and sat by the waterfall,” Allan said.

Chi is located inside the Hyatt Hotel on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood.

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3 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake Entering Restaurant Business

  1. LiLGrrl3369 says:

    Ooh Justin you hopeless copycat! You have to stalk Britney and do everything she does! blah blah blah…

  2. Lava33 says:

    STFU, although Britney is my girl, she is not the first celebrity to open a restaurant. Let Justin do his thing!

  3. Krys10 says:

    Unlike Britney and others who have opened restaurants and made it a big ass red carpet extravaganza, Justin seems to have done it on the down low, which surprises me because it seems JT has to make a spectacle out of everything he does. I heard the restaurant opened a few weeks ago and he didn’t even attend the grand opening. I think its better that its not known as Justin Timberlake’s restaurant. It gives people a chance to form a true opinion on whether they like or not and not just hate it or love it because JT’s involved with it.

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