Justin Timberlake ‘Exposes’ Janet Jacket At Super Bowl

There’s some buzz that at the very end of Justin Timberlake’s performance of ‘Rock Your Body’ with Janet Jackson at the NFL Super Bowl halftime show in Houston, when the *NSYNC star said “I’ll have you naked by the end of this song” he pulled off part of Janet’s outfit, exposing one of her breasts. From TV, it was difficult to tell because they went to a distance shot afterwards.

JD Previews Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl Performance

January 29, 2004 – Janet Jackson’s boyfriend, Jermaine Dupri told Access Hollywood what to expect during her Super Bowl half-time performance on Sunday in Houston. “My girl’s doing the halftime show. I’ve been to rehearsal with her everyday. It’s something to see,” he revealed. “There are a lot of dancers. But I can’t expose all the secrets. You got to see it on game day.” However, Jermaine did divulge that Janet will be performing more than one song. “I heard three or four,” he said.

Janet Jackson To Perform Two Hits At Super Bowl

January 29, 2004 – Contributed by Kizzardkid:

Janet will perform past hits ‘Rhythm Nation’ and ‘All For You’ at Sunday evening’s Super Bowl halftime show, according to Entertainment Tonight online. ET is also reporting that Janet may be joined on stage with her brothers, however that information has not been confirmed. They also say that Janet is planning a post-Super Bowl party after the game and has invited all of her siblings.

Janet Jackson’s New Album Titled ‘Damita Jo’

January 29, 2004 – Contributed by Kizzardkid:

Best Buy, one of North America’s largest music retail outlets, has listed a new CD on their online store as being released by Janet on March 30 under the title ‘Damita Jo’. While it has not been confirmed if ‘Damita Jo’ is the actual title of Janet’s upcoming album, Best Buy lists Virgin Records as the label that is releasing the CD. The date of March 30 listed on the Best Buy website also corresponds to the release date mentioned in last week’s MTV article about Janet’s new album.

The name Damita Jo is Janet’s actual middle name.

At this point, the album title “Damita Jo” has not been confirmed by Virgin Records. The Best Buy website gives no further details about the album.

Janet Jackson’s Dancer Speaks On Superbowl And Tour

January 28, 2004 – Contributed anonymously:

Dancer Jason Shawman called into the Morning Zoo on 98.5 KLUC in Las Vegas on Tuesday to speak with Trejo and Spence about his new gig, dancing with Janet at the Super Bowl and her upcoming tour. Jason said that the tour will likely begin this summer and carry on throughout the year. He also jokingly said that he couldn’t reveal details about the Super Bowl because he’d be out of a job, but said that fans should expect the unexpected on Sunday night.

Justin And Janet To Team Up In Super Bowl Performance?

January 27, 2004 – Groovevolt.com reports *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake will join Janet Jackson during this year’s Super Bowl half-time performance. Meanwhile, Benny Medina is really trying to make the Mariah Carey and duet happen. And they’re now saying JC Chasez’s album will be released February 24th, contrary to their report suggesting it would be released in March. They also claim is currently in negotiations with Arista to be let out of her $100 million contract.

The Guess What update at Groovevolt.com has since been removed.

Janet Jackson’s New Single

January 26, 2004 – Contributed by Kizzardkid:

‘Love Me For A Little While’ is said to be the name of Janet’s new single off her new album due out on March 30th, according to DJ Peter Rauhofer’s official website.

Rauhofer’s website says that the DJ is currently remixing the song, which will be released in February. This will be the first time Rauhofer, known for his trademark dark tribal mixes, has remixed a song for Janet.

In the past, the famed DJ has remixed songs for artists such as Madonna, Depeche Mode, Whitney Houston, and Cher, amongst others. He is nominated for a Grammy at this year’s awards for his remix of Christina Aguilera’s ‘Beautiful’. Rauhofer is the current resident DJ at the Roxy in New York City.

Janet Jackson’s New Album To Be Really Sexual

January 22, 2004 – Contributed by ballersfantasy:

If you thought the songs on ‘All for You’ were sexy, Janet’s new disc will have you blushing, says producer Dallas Austin. He tells MTV News, “Guys won’t know what to do with themselves after this. It’s one of the best records she’s made. It’s a really sexy record, but not in a sensual way. It’s bold, it’s fun, it’s really positive. Nobody’s sad, nobody’s mad. It’s just really fun songs where she happens to be talking frankly about sex.” The as-yet-untitled disc is due March 30th. Read more.

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11 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake ‘Exposes’ Janet Jacket At Super Bowl

  1. ozfella03 says:

    WOW, That was A sad excuse of a performance. Janet Jackson seriously is the “Queen of Lip synching”, and what was with all the songs that were played out within the last two to three years… everyone lipped except Kid Rock… and Janet’s dancing wasn’t so great tonight she walked around a lot, her and Justin are bad rip offs of Michael Jackson. And the exposing of the boob, was retarded and desperate attempt for headlines for tomorrow’s newspaper.

  2. Comics says:

    Yeah he did pull something off. My friend Chris told me. Anyway Janet kicked ass!!! She showed us what advanced dancing and hitting live high notes is all about!

  3. jazzprofounder says:

    Yeah it was difficult to tell…i thought he exposed something, it seemed like it but like I said it was difficult to tell…but oh well, if he revealed something than okay, no big deal.

  4. babet says:

    I SAW IT!!!!!!!!! I didn’t know if it was her bare breast because I think her nipple was pierced. I dunno…i saw something shiny. could somebody please tell me that was SUPPOSE to happen???!

  5. venus18 says:

    I definitely saw her breast. Janet may lipsynch but I have respect for her overall. Anyways, I’d prefer this to be the publicity stunt over her kissing some chick who is half her age.

  6. nick_carters_girl says:

    yeah I watched.. I was totally shocked when Justin just popped up @ the end..he really shocked me.. I could totally swear that you did see one of her tits.. it was just..out there..i wanna know if he did it or not…it looked real..but the part of the outfit just came off so perfectly..so it was definitely planned.. and I’m sure that Janet wouldn’t purposely show her tits on the Super Bowl halftime.. because then Cameron might not be very happy..and isn’t Janet still with JD?..i mean, he would be pretty pissed, right? lol what a night..what a night.

  7. jazzprofounder says:

    What else is new? Pretty much almost every artists on stage lipsyncs. There is a “King” and “Queen” of lipsyncing born every time an artist sings on stage…moving on…. Janet was very hot and beautiful…all the performances were kinda flat…it wasn’t really as exciting as the media hyped it up to be.

    The performance was okay…who cares if Janet lipsynced, Britney does it, Hilary Duff does it, pretty much every artists does it, so what’s the big deal? Anyways, it was an okay show, not really as hot and exciting as I thought it would be, but it was quite a night, and I know there’s going to be a media show on what happened with Justin pulling part of Janet’s outfit.

  8. music_vibe says:

    I don’t remember him saying anything like that. But it IS Justin Timberlake, and that IS something he would say. He’s a hypocrite then. Last year it was all about Britney and Madonna and the kiss. I guess, Justin HAD to do something about that…it could’ve been done in a lot better fashion, too.

  9. Jaggie says:

    ok, I definitely think it was one of her breasts, and I was sooooo shocked!!!! her nipple was pierced or something, but it was def her breast. it’s not that I’ve never seen a breast before–i HAVE them, lol–i just can’t believe they let them do that on television! watch, it’ll be front page news tomorrow.

  10. zunderwood says:

    Janet was great…She is the best entertainer in the business. Who cares if she lipsynch’s. She is a great entertainer!!!! Her boob was exposed…so what! She did it for shock value, that what’s it’s about today.

  11. venus18 says:

    Paris is by far not as good as Cameron as far as the industry goes, he is nominated’, ‘for the Grammys for his CD. I could care less whether or not BSB is recording, I know that I will almost definitely not like what they release (although I never completely count an artist out so it is possible I’ll like it). You keep saying ‘NSYNC is over when no one but ‘NSYNC knows for sure. As for the age thing, it is only 9 (?) years or something, who really cares that much?! Orlando Bloom is sexy and 8/9 years older than me, and although I’m realistic and know I won’t ever meet him even, if I did ever have the opportunity to go out with him I would even with the age difference.

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