Justin Timberlake Gets Very Friendly With Christina Aguilera

Lloyd Grove of The Washington Post got another e-mail from a London-based American who says he spotted Lance Bass of *NSYNC too. “I am quite sure that Mr. Bass was in London on Saturday night,” the e-mailer revealed. “I sat next to him at the Mayfair Club in London. He was there for the PR party for his band mate Justin Timberlake’s solo album. I didn’t talk to him, he doesn’t seem like a very intellectual chap, but I can report that Mr. Timberlake was getting very friendly with one Mme. Christina Aguilera.”

Nick And Justin Support Each Other’s Solo Efforts

October 17, 2002 – The transcript and audio to Nick Carter’s interview on Q100 earlier today has been posted. Besides giving the health update on his father that we reported earlier, the star talked about his *NSYNC counterpart Justin Timberlake. “I think, ya know. I think honestly, uh I hope he’s very successful. That’s my personal opinion,” he said. “I mean really, um, I’m in a… I’m in a really good point in my life and in my head and ya know I just, um, I don’t diss nobody. Uh I don’t dog nobody and I support anybody who’s… this is a hard business to be in. So, we kinda talked together just sorta, I dunno even know when this was. It was a couple of months ago or something like that. But he was like ‘Yo Nick ya know’ we were like backstage at the Latin Grammys and uh he like ‘Nick ya know, I just wanna let you know man that that’s cool that you’re doing what you’re doing.’ Because uh ya know when I was.. cuz we knew each other when we were younger.. like we were on the same management and we’d tour all the time together.. cuz that’s all I’d listen to’ and whatever you were listening to was rock music and really being into that and it’s just that I’m glad you did that’. And I’m like, ‘Yeah I’m glad you did what you did to because.. because I remember that’s all you would listen to is in something was R&B stuff ya know.’ So it’s kinda like, ya know silently supporting each other in a way. And it’s a really cool situation.” The transcript and audio have since been removed.

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