Justin Timberlake Gives Props To Eminem

In his interview with Radio 1 on Wednesday, of *NSYNC commented on meeting Eminem at the Video Music Awards. Unlike Slim has been on his records towards the boy band, Justin was full of compliments for Slim, “”Eminem, I’m a huge fan. I was so excited at the VMAs this year. I got to meet him. I was so excited. I almost asked him for his autograph. I’m just kidding. We shook hands.” He added, “I think he’s one of the most talented hip hop artists ever, and he’s still not finished.” As for Slim’s criticism of *NSYNC’s music, “I admire him for sticking by what he thinks.”

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3 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake Gives Props To Eminem

  1. BsBoy says:

    Justin is a pansy. No self-respecting artist would just accept someone dissing their music. Especially a poser like Eminem. A guy who relies on controversy to sell records to the brainwashed teens in America.

  2. muzik_luver says:

    I don’t know why artist’s like Eminem feel they have to be such asses towards other artists.

    I have mad respect for people like Britney and Justin who can take all the crap they get from other people and then turn around and not even be tempted to do the same right back at them.

    They keep their cool and still say nice things about the jerks who are constantly feeling they are better than everyone else. I don’t know if I would be able to do that.

    You go guys! I love you! Keep cool! Keep being who you are, I love you for it!

  3. sofia says:

    lool, justins such a douche .. “i was so excited”

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