Justin Timberlake Got Off Way Too Easy

Contributed by Homertime:

Am I the only one who is upset by Justin Timberlake’s childish cop-out? Regardless if it was Janet Jackson’s idea, Justin was the one who agreed to do it. He’s the one who grabbed her shirt and ripped it off. He’s the one responsible for exposing Janet. If the red bra was supposed to stay on, Justin should have ensured that he didn’t grab both when it came time to rip off the top. But no, apparently he can’t tell when he’s holding two tops or just one. So why is Janet the only one receiving the backlash?

First she’s banned from the Grammys, then she’s allowed to present, but only if she apologizes publicly. She’s already done that, so why make her do it again when Justin still gets to PERFORM without any strings attached. Sure he brought it up in his acceptance speech, but didn’t take any responsibility for it. All he did was reiterate yet again that it was an accident.

Not only does Janet get booted from the Grammys, but gets booted from performing at the NFL Pro-Bowl. Why punish JC? He didn’t do anything. He agreed to make all the changes to his performance that the network wanted and yet they still kick him out. He’s yet another victim of this stupid situation.

While Janet and JC suffer from the repurcussions of the Superbowl exposure, sails by without consequences simply because he put all the blame on Janet. Did he forget who pulled her top off? Did the networks forget who pulled her top off? Apparently so…

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