Justin Timberlake: I’m A Lot More Hip Hop Than Jacko Ever Was

Justin Timberlake tells Janet Stevenson of the Toronto Sun his thoughts about Michael Jackson, the legendary performer the star was criticized for copping some of his dance moves. “I think now more than ever, it’s unfortunate, but I think people associate Michael with someone who is crazy,” Timberlake said. “And I’m not going to speculate exactly what’s going on in his head because I have enough rumors about me to worry about. But, I think as time goes by, people will see, I think I’m a lot more hip-hop than Michael ever was.”

Jackson Baby Drop Is New And Improved

December 24, 2002 – Madblast.com has updated their Baby Drop game. The new version of the flash game includes better animation and rewards additional time if you catch babies with a baby basket. Also, following Jacko’s multiple claims of spider bites, the game includes spiders that must be avoided, or your baby basket flips over.

Has A Message For The Kids

December 24, 2002 – Entertainment Tonight played a video clip from Michael with a message for the children. Jacko said, “Good evening, children and Merry Christmas. It is I, only I speaking to you and sending you a few little gifts. I love you from the bottom my heart… Let us reach out to those who are alone. Let us all tell them you are not alone. I look forward to the new year, to working with you children and to create an organization that will help other children. I promise — I promise you, if you come along, it will make you feel good and it will be fun.” Tomorrow on E.T., More of what Michael has to say including his advice for parents on how to raise their kids.

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