Justin Timberlake Introduces New Video On TRL

star Justin Timberlake phoned into MTV’s Total Request Live on Tuesday to premiere his new video ‘Cry Me A River’. Carson quizzed Timberlake about the concept and whether it was about former girlfriend Britney Spears. Justin says it’s about him adding, “I figured hey if you want to speculate what the song is about I may as well give you something else to talk about.” Carson never asked him about his broken foot and how he’s progressing getting that healed. Read on for a rough transcript.

Carson: on the phone right now Justin Timberlake


Justin: Yo.

Carson: I got to be honest.I didn’t hear about when you were hear and did the songs outside “Cry me a River” I just didn’t hear anything about the concept of the video and I saw it before, we should chat about it.

Justin: Ha-ha, what do you want to talk about


Justin: Hello, everybody

Carson: They are freakin’ out. Where did the creative and concept for this video come up.

Justin: Really, I had nothing to do with it. It was [Inaudible] Came up with the treatment, sent it to me and I just thought it was — I thought it was really cool and a chance for me to play like an acting role and I thought it was cool.

Carson: How are you dealing with t f fact so much of the imagery is seemingly, allegedly Britney how are you dealing with and answering that.

Justin: It’s funny a lot of people have asked if the video is about her. It’s not about her it’s about me and all in all you know when I wrote this song and people started hearing the song they spattered speculating what it was about I figured hey if you want to speculate what the song is about I may as well give you something else to talk about, so ….

Carson: Despite — you know how everybody is talking about this video even here at MTV and the buzz around it you made it it is a really good looking video.

Justin: Thanks man I appreciate that. Like a mini-movie.

Carson: An “American Psycho” feel your character in the movie but the girl looks identical to Britney and nuances like the angle of the doorstep and symbolism throughout.

Justin: Hey, man I’m crazy.

Carson: You are a crazy psycho.

Justin: Ha-ha.

Carson: That’s cool I think it is good lookin’ and really we’ll let people watch it o world premiere it and they’ll make up their own minds about it and will talk about it or not you know what I’m sayin’.

Justin: Exactly


Carson: What are you doin’ for thanksgiving.

Justin: Man I broke my foot man I’m shacked up in Tennessee so I’m going to at least get some good home cookin’.

Carson: Good. Always good to talk to you would you like to dot honors of introducing your world premiere.

Justin: Gee thanks well world this is my new video “Cry me a River” hope you like it.

Carson: Justin happy Thanksgiving

Justin: you got it, brother

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