Justin Timberlake Is ‘So Over’ Nipplegate

Us Weekly caught up with Pharrelll Williams of N.E.R.D. and asked how his pal Justin Timberlake of *NSYNC has been coping since exposing the breast of Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl. “He’s so over it,” Pharrell responded. “Justin’s making a film and counting [his] money. He was cool during the whole thing. I think Janet took it really hard. But Justin loves her – he’s had a crush on her since he was a kid.”

Janet And Jermaine Dupri Plotting Secret Wedding

April 17, 2004 – Star magazine reports that despite their public denials, Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri are planning a lavish wedding ceremony. “I know for a fact Janet and Jermaine are planning a big-ass, extravagant blowout,” an insider insisted. “They’ve been talking about doing things up; they’re looking at this amazing spread in California.” Meanwhile, Janet’s been reacting post-nipplegate by getting image consulting advice from her brother Michael Jackson, who played the key role in her boycott of the Grammy Awards. A source revealed, “Janet basically said, ‘Michael, what should I do? They want me to apologize.’ Michael [told her], ‘You’ve already apologized. You don’t need to do it anymore.”

Janet To Shoot ‘All Nite (Don’t Stop)’ Video This Weekend

April 16, 2004 – Contributed by Kizzardkid: According to MTV.com, Francis Lawrence has been tapped to direct Janet Jackson’s next video, ‘All Nite (Don’t Stop)’. The video shoot will take place this Friday and Saturday, April 16th and 17th.

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7 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake Is ‘So Over’ Nipplegate

  1. lilla says:

    This just in, Justin is a ***** and Pharrell is his lover Janet took it hard because Justin bailed on her! I hardly call that being cool through the whole thing, he pissed his pants and Janet had to clean it up

  2. YogiBear says:

    Pharrell is such a kiss-ass!!!!!!!!!! and of course Janet took it real hard, besides the whole FCC thing, Justin did not lift one finger to defend her but focused on saving his own ass!

  3. CARPEDIEM says:

    I’m sure he is over it, especially since he didn’t have to deal with any of the backlash. I still can’t believe he totally bailed on Janet like that.

  4. SpiceSquirrel says:

    Justin makes me sick! He blamed the whole thing on Janet and made a wimp of himself on TV with all of his degrading apologies! He is not a man – not in the least! What a coward!

  5. popnicklover says:

    This whole Super Bowl incident just proved my point even further about how fake and self-absorbed Justin really is. Of course he’s over it; he was probably never upset over it because he didn’t get all the backlash that Janet did. And of course, Pharrell would suck up to Justin’s ass and defend him straight to hell. Hope they both go there someday.

  6. JmoneyT99 says:

    you people you hate on Justin make me sick..he has to reason to feel bad as she said before it was her whole idea for the change in the show she knew what was gonna happen…but lemme say this if her LP would have been huge after dropping 61% the 2nd week she would have cared less because she was out for record sales but she’s not the artist she once was sorry but just some facts guys don’t be mad at me

  7. divalamb says:

    Justin had every right to not stand behind Janet. Janet built a career on sex and showing her body, why should Justin take the fall for that? All Janet had to do was apologize and everything wouldn’t have been such a big deal. Justin did what he had to do, now she should stand up and be responsible too. She doesn’t even talk about what happen. How adult it that?

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