Justin Timberlake Is The Weakest Part Of ‘Justified’

Contributed by elgato:

Rashod D. Ollison of the Baltimore Sun summed up the music of 2003 as “head-bopping, if mindless, pop.” Of star Justin Timberlake’s album ‘Justified’, Ollison says “Although it was released at the tail end of 2002, ‘Justified’, Justin Timberlake’s solo debut, exploded in ’03 with such smashes as ‘Cry Me a River’ and ‘Rock Your Body.’ Again, this is an example of where the production ultimately saves the project. Justin’s vocals (not to mention the lyrics) were the weakest parts. But Justified featured some of the Neptunes’ tightest, most spirited tracks. Too bad they couldn’t find a better singer for ’em.”

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