Justin Timberlake Lined Up To Endorse Smarties

The People reports that when *NSYNC star was on his UK tour earlier this year, he was thrilled to see a Smarties Choc Idol TV ad based on him. The singer called Pop Idol sponsors Nestle to congratulate them. They sent him some Smarties – and persuaded him to front their ad campaign next year. They will also sponsor a future tour.

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4 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake Lined Up To Endorse Smarties

  1. BritneyFantasy says:

    do they mean smarties the candy???? if so I love them!

  2. Jive says:

    Smarties? More like M&M’s wannabe. Anyway, he called so he could just get free supplies of them. Go make yourself fat Justin!

  3. DJNY2AI3 says:

    what is next for Justin? is he gonna become the next “7up yours” guy? he is doing a lot of endorsements

  4. stallion says:

    He never said he was against endorsement if he like the product than he will consider’, ‘doing it but I’m sure he have his limit just like everybody else does.

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