Justin Timberlake Mother ‘Shocked’ By Janet Breast Flash

Justin Timberlake’s mother Lynn Harless spoke with ‘Access Hollywood’ in her first interview since the *NSYNC star exposed the breast of Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl. “We were shocked, everybody was shocked,” said Harless. “Not shocked like ‘I can’t believe he did that,’ shocked like ‘I can’t believe that happened,’ because it happened to him, just like it happened to us, so we were all just shocked.” When asked how Timberlake himself felt about the incident, the pop star’s mom said that, “He was stunned and embarrassed too, so he didn’t know what to say.”

Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl Breast Flash Pays Off

February 26, 2004 – Susan Blond, who heads the publicity firm Susan Blond Inc. and who has represented Janet twice in the past decade, tells Star magazine the singer’s Super Bowl breast flash was the “best” thing that could have happened. “She’s in the news, she’s on the cover of every magazine, and on 60 Minutes,” says Blond. “You couldn’t do any better with a CD coming out.”

Janet Jackson To Do First Post-Breast Flash Interview

February 24, 2004 – The New York Daily News reports Diane Sawyer has beat out the competition, including her ABC News colleague Barbara Walters, for the right to speak with Janet for a ‘Prime Time’ show in mid-March, her first interview since the Super Bowl breast flash and just in time for the release of her latest CD, ‘Damita Jo’. ABC News and Sawyer declined to comment yesterday. “She can’t talk about an interview that she hasn’t done yet,” a spokesman said.

Janet Jackson’s New Video Shoot Completed

February 23, 2004 – Contributed by Kizzardkid:

Janet finished shooting the music video for ‘Just A Little While’ yesterday, according to the Miss Janet International Fanclub. The video was shot by Dave Meyers. In addition to that video, Janet will be shooting another music video at the beginning of March. The fanclub is also reporting that Janet’s promotional tour for the album will begin in March in London, then will be off to the U.S. and Japan, and then will go back to Europe.

Randy Jackson Not Surprised By Janet’s Breast Flash

February 19, 2004 – TV Guide Online caught up with ‘American Idol’ judge Randy Jackson and asked him if he thought Janet Jackson intended to show her nipple at the Super Bowl. “I think it was definitely planned,” Randy responded. “Wasn’t she wearing a pastie? I don’t think people normally put pasties on, do they?” Asked if it surprised him, Jackson said, “No. The music business is always crazy and wild and unpredictable; that’s what I love about it. And all of the people that say they don’t are liars because we all live vicariously through these people. I think it was great. I think people are making too much of a boob.”

Anthony Of Opie And Anthony Comments On Janet’s Flash

February 19, 2004 – Anthony Cumia of Opie and Anthony has fired back at the congressional media indecency hearings that have portrayed O&A as peddlers of filth. In a statement on the O&A Web site, Cumia argues persuasively that the Janet Jackson case is a huge flap over not much of anything. He also argues that strictly for on-air content, the “sex in St. Patrick’s” stunt that got O&A removed from WNEW in August 2002 was not indecent.

The complete story on what he had to say at foundrymusic.com has since been removed.

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9 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake Mother ‘Shocked’ By Janet Breast Flash

  1. popmaster167 says:

    well, when you pull stunts like that, what do you expect to happen? seriously if artists and stars insist on pushing their luck and taking risks and chances with their performances sooner or later they’re going to run out of luck. Its like if you constantly pull on say a branch of a tree, eventually it will come off, like if these artists constantly pull their own and others clothes off eventually they will come off.

  2. stallion says:

    Janet Jackson own people said that they told Timberlake that a red lace would remain. He probably didn’t take it seriously after it happened but he did. I’m glad Timberlake didn’t defend Janet Jackson. She lost all my respect is she did expose herself to the world just to get people talking about her album. I wouldn’t be surprise if he though Janet Jackson lied to him.

  3. ox-bo says:

    I bet she was shocked. It was probably the first heterosexual thing she had ever seen Justin do before. In the extended article Lynn Harless is quoted as saying, “The whole family thought Justin ‘smoked pole’. We were all shocked to see Justin anywhere near a female breast, let alone a negro woman’s breast. What? You don’t call them negros anymore? Well I’ll be! Where’s my moonshine and banjo?” Sip, sip, twang, twang.

  4. NotStallion says:

    Justin is a liar and a sellout. Justin knew what was going to happen. After it happened he was all proud of himself until the backlash. Then he made up his excuse and in the process pinned it all on Janet. He is a wimp and a sellout and I hope the African American community that he acts he is a part of will continue to hate him.

  5. JLOVER101 says:

    Justin is a little crybaby. He knew perfectly well what was going down. When it happened he didn’t look shocked, backstage when he was interviewed he wasn’t shocked, it was only when people showed displeasure that he was shocked and embarrassed. Hey Justin how about growing some balls and facing things like a man?

  6. stallion says:

    According to Janet Jackson own people they took Timberlake people that a red lace was suppose to remain. You can even read it in a newspaper article. Are you saying that they lied about that to protect Timberlake.

  7. popnicklover says:

    Justin knew all along what was going to happen. He’s a wuss who can’t handle taking responsibility of stardom. And then he goes running to his mommy (or worse, grandma), and then she tries to defend her precious son. And you know as they always say, if you can’t take the heat, stay out of the sun.

  8. Lava33 says:

    OF course he was embarrassed! Who would want their parents to see that?Well, anyways Justin and Janet have made up. So its time to move on! OMFG! IF I HAVE TO HEAR ONE MORE THING ABOUT THE SUPERBOWL INCIDENT I AM GOING TO HAVE A HEART ATTACK! Let it go already. Please stop posting things about the Super Bowl!

  9. Musicbuff says:

    Janet is going to drag it out as long as possible in order to promote her new album. All it would take to end the whole thing is a simple admission that it was planned as a publicity stunt and a sincere apology, but that will never happen because then the stunt would be over. Instead we have to endure a FCC investigation into who is lying and the whole cover up wasting our tax money because no one is will to just admit what happened was planned and take responsibility. It’s all about the money and publicity.

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