Justin Timberlake & Nick Carter Albums Reviewed

Baby Gil of The Philippine Star reviewed both *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake’s debut solo effort ‘Justified’ and Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter’s ‘Now or Never’.

On Timberlake, Gil commented, “Timberlake is no great shakes as a singer and his vocals here are just a bit better than average. But his musicality is something else. Justin puts on the mantle of blue-eyed R&B as he breezes across 14 well-written, excellently produced tracks.”

As for Carter, he says the tracks “make it very obvious though that Carter is playing up to the fans of the Backstreet Boys who have been without a new album for nearly two years. His songs are expected to fill that need, but it might be better for somebody who wants to make it as a solo act to take a cue from Timberlake who went off and did what he wanted.”

Update: The entire review at philstar.com has since been removed.

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