Justin Timberlake & Nick Carter Strike Out With Solo Efforts

Colin Paterson of the Guardian is sharing his thoughts on the solo projects of *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake and Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter. Paterson said, “The boys have abandoned pop and are aching to let everyone know the Lou Pearlman days are behind them. Nick Carter has obviously studied past form. He may have ditched the other four Backstreet Boys, but this solo venture features just as many chins. Like Freedom-period Robbie, Nick is showing his independence by piling on the pounds.” As for his *NSYNC counterpart, “Justin Timberlake is predominantly relying on the Neptunes, who originally wrote these songs for Michael Jackson. He was not interested.” The full story at theguardian.com has since been removed.

Justin Timberlake On Hot 30

October 4, 2002 – Justin recently chatted with Jackie O of Hot 30 in Australia. Justin talked about the new album ‘Justified’ which Jackie said was great, performing ‘Like I Love You’ at the MTV Video Music Awards, he says he prefers being on his own right now to being with a group, but he thinks *NSYNC will make another album. Justin admitted that he hasn’t played any of the album to JC Chasez (should something be read into that?), but he has to Chris and Joey — and not Lance since he’s in Russia. Justin says if he had to kill one celebrity, he’d kill Howard Stern. Audio has since been removed.

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7 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake & Nick Carter Strike Out With Solo Efforts

  1. Smile says:

    …ditched the other four Backstreet Boys…

    Colin doesn’t know what the hell is going on. How can Nick be ditching a group he is going back to next year to record and plan another tour with?

  2. bsg1hbk says:

    He doesn’t know what hes talking about even if its his personal opinion he shouldn’t be so sure of it its not up to him to decide if the albums are bad or not its the fans.

  3. eLgato says:

    So basically, the Neptunes already had the songs down (for Michael Jackson) and Justin just added a few things. Yet he goes around “I co-wrote the whole album.” More like he added a line to songs that were already finished.

    Check out the song credits and the Neptunes name will come before Justin’s. Cuz they did 90%, and Justin did what was leftover.

  4. eLgato says:

    “But the surest sign that Justin has gone adult are the names of his new friends. Gone are the Howies and Kevins of his BSB days – Justin now goes clubbing with, ahem, the Patty Cake Man and Pusha T Clipse, the Neptunes’ proteges who are also on Justin’s Justified album.”

    So according to this guy, Justin is in the Backstreet Boys?

    This article is automatically discredited. He comments on two groups and doesn’t even know who is in each group. Gotta sell those papers.

  5. ckj says:

    I am getting tired of people dissing nick, so what if he gained a few pounds he still looks good. I would think that would happen to someone who is growing up and becoming an adult. look at Justin he looks like an alcoholic person who stays up all night. for some reason he talks about having no time but he be going out all the time clubs wherever. I guess we will see who has the better cd nick or just just a couple of weeks more.

  6. Smile says:

    Justin has nothing to be proud of then. If he is only going to be received better because he has copied MJ, then it’s only going to prove what I have been saying for years. Justin Timberlake isn’t anything but a puppet that copies everyone that is successful before him. He is not a true artist nor a true man. It goes way back to what happened between NSYNC and the BSB. If it wasn’t for the BSB opening the door for pop music, then Nsync wouldn’t have been a group because they wouldn’t have had anyone to copy. I feel sorry for you Nsync fans. I truly do.

  7. MissDiva2002 says:

    If he means striking out as in they did a bad job on their CD’s, fine. I haven’t heard either of their CD’s yet and have only their debut songs. But if he means striking out as in selling badly, I think he’s wrong. I hear “Like I Love You” on the radio all of the time. Mind you, I don’t hear “Help Me” often but I have heard it. I think Justin will sell a lot of CD’s. Nick will probably do the same especially since he is releasing it internationally.

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