Justin Timberlake No Longer Charmed By Alyssa Milano

Us Weekly reports star Justin Timberlake and Alyssa Milano “are no longer seeing each other” according to a pal. Apparently Alyssa wasn’t interested in continuing to share Justin-time with dancer Jenna Dewan. “Alyssa wanted to be the one and didn’t want to share. She thought Justin was going to be ready to move their dating further along; however, he is not ready to do so, [and] Alyssa decided it would be better for her to move on.” The move seems to have strengthened Timberlake’s interested in Dewan though. “He and Jenna are going to start dating more exclusively in the New Year,” revealed a pal.

Justin Timberlake Disappoints MTV’s Iann Robinson

January 2, 2003 – MTV News correspondents Gideon Yago and Iann Robinson weighed in on the year in music, giving their thoughts on Eminem, Justin, and Avril Lavigne. Iann says he was disappointed by Timberlake’s success. “Everyone was so excited about his release, because he promoted it as a new sound never heard before. Then when it came out, it was a re-creation of Michael Jackson’s ‘Off The Wall.’ It was an insult to Michael for Justin to think he could come close to re-creating and/or topping Michael,” he says. Read more.

Justin Timberlake Spends New Years With The Osbournes

January 1, 2003 – Contributed by nellysgirl: Entertainment Tonight reported that star Justin and Chris Rock were some of the guests at the Osbournes wedding in Beverly Hills California. Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne renewed their wedding vows during a New Year’s Eve party at the Beverly Hills Hotel that included hundreds of guests. Music was provided by the 1970s group Village People.

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