Justin Timberlake On Being Rihanna’s ‘Rehab’ Video Guy

‘Access Hollywood’ caught up with Justin Timberlake at the Keep a Child Alive organization’s 5th annual Black Ball, where the former star talked about his reasons for supporting the event through conversations with Alicia Keys, and his collaboration with Rihanna on her new music video for ‘Rehab’, a track he wrote along with Timbaland and Hannon Lane. “You know, I always loved seeing Rihanna, actually we worked together on the song – I wrote the song for her – and it’s always good to see her, but it was,” Timberlake explained, “I got there and I was like really? I’m the guy in the video. I’m the guy in the video, so I had to give them all insecurities about that. But yeah we had a great time, we goofed around at the shoot most of the time.” Watch the comments below the cut.

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  1. nicky says:

    i want you send me back email I love your video I hope you enjoy yourself in USA I’m in bangkok thailand I love you

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