Justin Timberlake On Being Rihanna’s ‘Rehab’ Video Guy

‘Access Hollywood’ caught up with at the Keep a Child Alive organization’s 5th annual Black Ball, where the former *NSYNC star talked about his reasons for supporting the event through conversations with Alicia Keys, and his collaboration with Rihanna on her new music video for ‘Rehab’, a track he wrote along with Timbaland and Hannon Lane. “You know, I always loved seeing Rihanna, actually we worked together on the song – I wrote the song for her – and it’s always good to see her, but it was,” Timberlake explained, “I got there and I was like really? I’m the guy in the video. I’m the guy in the video, so I had to give them all insecurities about that. But yeah we had a great time, we goofed around at the shoot most of the time.” Watch the comments below.

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  1. nicky says:

    i want you send me back email I love your video I hope you enjoy yourself in USA I’m in bangkok thailand I love you

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