Justin Timberlake On MTV’s Total Request Live

Justin Timberlake of *NSYNC stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live to talk with Quddus and preview some tracks off his new album ‘Justified’, due out November 5. Justin said he’s “dating everybody”, including Alyssa Milano. He answered questions from fans in ‘The Ringer’, including whether he flexes in front of a mirror and what was his biggest regret in life. Someone yelled something (likely ‘Britney Spears’) and Justin fumed, “Can we kick him out?!” Adding, “You are the weakest link. Goodbye.” It must’ve been edited out of the west coast version or nothing was audible anyways. For a very rough transcript (if someone finds a better one or wants to touch this one up and submit, go ahead), read on.

What’s this song right here.

This is called “senorita”.

What’s the vibe trying with this one?

Kinda Stevie, that little Latin vibe to it.

I hear it. Who produced it.


You worked a lot with him.


He produced, what, half the album.


Bangin’ right.


All right. We’ll hear more for sure. You are hangin’ out the in the show rig.

Of course.

Your boy Chris Kirkpatrick are in this do you like the fellas.

I personally think they should have used J.C.Because Chris has a large head but he’s cute, too, so …

Here he is along with the fellas of Good Charlotte of course “Lifestyles of the rich & famous” no. 10 on your countdown


[Inaudible] Right there no. 10 Good Charlotte “lifestyles of the rich & famous”. Down four from Friday here with Justin Timberlake


You’ve been a member of TRL family since it started in 1998.

Since the signing of TRL.

We practically grew up together. We want to take a look at the evolution of you on this great show right here.

—- Old clips segment —

Of me?

So from your being part of the group to now solo star let’s have a look at it.



don’t misunderstand alarm *NSYNC on the phone live and they want to do something special okay

happy birthday to you.

Is it true you are dating Britney Spears.

I’m not dating anyone at the moment.

Carson: It is hard to describe the amount of outside. We were forced tolose the shades Justin has in his hand “bye bye b” the actual video.

Don’t you back to pat in tape room

you just hit me with truth

keep it real.

Cable television friends.


Carson: Friends would like to say hi to you.


Till the day my l is through ‘This I Promise You’.

I think you guys made year.

Oh, thank you.

I’m Carson Daly and this is Justin I’m Justin from *NSYNC.

Never mind.

Hey guys.

You got a nice house girlfriend live via satellite welcome our friends from *NSYNC. Ta artists who in one way or another have been affected abo the tragedy.

This one thing that we all celebrate, let’s celebrate the gift of life and not something we all agree with. Oh, my god, oh, my god i want to request Britney Spears and I think it would be cool if we dated one day.The last dream you had.

Running from a fire that what’s chasing us.

Li this dream last night.

So it wasn’t a wet dream.

We are *NSYNC and you are watching TRL.

Best show in the world.

—- End old clips segment —

Justin Timberlake TRL over the years any of those moments p memorable.

All of I am a goofy dude I just realized that.

A great sense of more we love you for it

Thanks, but


Do you remember was it — is it a virve individual memory the very first time you were on TRL.

Yeah. Uhm I think — we did “i want you back” I think the first time or — I think maybe the first time on TRL we did

[Inaudible] The first perform machines on MTV they were judging the video V.J. Contest that was “I want you back”.

How do you see your growth from then ’til now.

Talk about them pants.

Ha-ha. Cool listen we’ll talk to you more an chill out and lala is outside holding down Times Square with a bunch of fans wanna holla at you and hope flow get up and hang out.

All right.

We’ll check with her after our no. Nine o’clock songs she’s back thanks to you guys at No. 9


On trl

— and say I’m right here to all the goo men who are out there all the single ladies wanna demo where so put your hands up in the air and say I’m right here

I want in know where could they be over there no, they’re right here no, they’re right here i think they’re over there could they be over there say I wanna where say i wanna know where i think they’re over here I know they’re here somewhere I know they’re here somewhere I know there are good men out there.


to all the good men who are out t all the single ladies wanna know where

put your hands up the air and say I’m right here to all the good men who are out there.

That’s Samantha Mumba “I’m right here” back on your top 10 thanks to you. It is a great day to be in t sq. Wha’ssup to my Justin Timberlake


In the house i got Emily with me from West Virginia. Sign you and your friends made. How long have you been out here.

Since 5:00 this morning.

Five o’clock this morning now what would y do

get upstairs.

I would anything in the world, i would do anything, anything. We drove 8 and a half hours for this.

Quddus, i think y’all need to g upstairs


I think they deserve it. Bring ’em up.

Thank you. Go. Go.

Come up.

All right, cool. Wile they head up we’ll take a quick don’t go anywhere Justin has some more unreleased material from his album.

Two more.So stay tuned ft. We’ll see guys in a min, ai’ight hang tight.


Yeah. Welcome back to TRL. Requests being played in the order you voted for them as usual enter stainer extraordinaire is here kickin’ it with me.

H you doin’.

I’m good, man.

You look very relaxed environment.

Livin’ life, lovin’ life, manage the only way to be. Let’s check out another one of those tracks.

Right now.

Do it.

Jeff can you play that down?

This is “cry me a river”

What’s this song about?

Uh, I’ma — i don’t want to say too much about everything. I want people to — i want people to get into it what they get into it.

What do you think about it.

We are out here bouncin’ to it, yeah, yeah feelin’. Shut out Timberland producers i know produced it.

Yeah you can tell.

How many.

Four and they are all just incredible pieces of work.

You were tellin’ me last Thursday at the club.

Just bangin’, just bangin’.

Y’all feeli it o her


I think people are ready for the record, man, droppin’ November 5th.

November 5th.

Back to your countdown two more days f this one a it is history. You voted it up two from thoughts on Britney’s “boys”.

I love it. I love it.

Oh, yeah, good man. No. 8 Britney Spears “Boys” (co-ed remix)


No. 8 video Britney Spears “boys” (co-ed remix). Man loves to jam he just feels it.

That’s a jam. That’s a jam.

With voyeurs.

He’s doin’ his so to speak.

Y probably one of the eligible bachelors out here. You’ve got some pretty amazing women rumors about Janet and all this stuff. We wanted to see the success you’d have as a normal guy.

We took out a personal ad you know in the Village Voice here in the city to see what kind of women would be attracted to Justin Timberlake, the average Joe. Let’s take a look at the ad:

That’s cool.

Anything we should have added there?

Uhm, a big booty I want a big ol’ booty


All right, man. Are you curious to see what kind of response you got?

Yeah, sure.

All right. All right let’s see what was in the mail mailbox (phone ringing).

Oh, no.

There are no messages in your mailbox

[Crowd simultaneously] Ohhhhh!

I didn’t want to do that like that, man. But you do all right, so see
that’s no reflection on how it really is in real life. You gets love don’t — put your chin up, your chin un. Feel good about your situation.

I got a record comin’ out. I don’t care you know what just on the topic of you and girls and whatnot kids at home girls especially.

They want to know.

Would kill me if I didn’t ask you. You have been linked to Alyssa Milano.

My status, my status I’m single and ready to mingle.

You are datin’ her.

I’m datin’ her I’m datin’ everybody!


Apparently I’m not datin’ anyone.


I didn’t get any calls that’s messed up.

You got a lot o takers here ‘never worry about all right, man we’ll get back to your requests and keep talkin’ with justin you can download a new song by d-12 called “911” on shady records records. Come let’s get into it right now, eminem “cleanin’ out my closet”


Let’s get rowdy and give it up.

You are gettin’itthe sg. That’s the thing i hear you dae like 5 hours a day right.

Yeah, man. Rehearsals.

Every song throughout the countdown.

I can’t help it man, i can’t help it.

Just love the music.

Just gotta move.

You are hangin’ out for the show right.


I’ma let you take breather, chill, we’ll put you in the hot seat later.

Oh, no.

Yeah. A new segment on trl we’ll put you in the hot seat.


So why don’t you go ahead and back stage, cool down, drink fluid, cool out do whatever you have to do, center yourself. We’ll take another break. With Justin back stage we’ll introduce you to the boy of steel straight out of “Smallville” superboy tom welling is here so hang tight for that ai’ight trl is comin’ right back.

That’s your no. 4 video nick carter “help me” down one from last week Justin Timberlake.

I’m back.

Is by my side he’s back. You are getting kinda sick of the rivalry played up between you and Nick?

It’s kinda old. Kinda old.

What you do is completely different really.

Yeah, totally. I like that song. It’s a good song


Well we’ve got somethin’ new now my friend called the hot seat and it’s where the fans get a chance.

New? It sounds like an experiment.

Pretty much you are the guinea pig today, man.


So we got fans here and they are ready are you ready to shoot off your questions?


All right cool. They are lined up and ready are you ready to answer these questions.

I guess man. Should I sit here.


He’s a good sport

[Background music]

Hey. Wha’ssup.

Wondered if you had gon skinny-dipping before.

Yes, of course

[Background music]

Hi I’m sarah and i woed who is your favorite new artist.

Avril Lavigne


I tould you say


Hi just tin I’m jamie who is the last person you kissed besides your mother

My dog.

Your dog?!

He’s like a person to me.

Hi justin i michelle do you flex in front of the mirror


Yeah, yeah


Hi justin I’m melissa i wondered do you prefer L.A. Or new york

[Crowd simultaneously] New york!


It depends on the time of year.


I’m keepin’ it real, keepin’ it real.

You got a crib now here.

I got a house here I get a house here then I’ll northbound new york all the time


Hi justin I’m yasmine and want to know if you plan on getting any more tattoos on your body?

Actually, I am going to be getting one soon.

Next question.

I’m not going to tell you what it is.

Hello there justin my name is liz.

Hello liz.

I wondered if you prefer to sleep with clothes on or nude.

Butt naked.

In your birthday suit.

I’m mary. Have you ever cried watching a movie?


Jamie says hi.

What was the movie.


Uh”forest gump”, i don’t know ….

It’s a —

Look, man, I cried at t “lion king”, man.

No just kidding,.


I’m stephanie. What is your biggest regret in life?

[Crowd simultaneously] Ohhhhhhh

Who said

Can we kick him out?!



Can we kick him out?!

You are the weakest link. Goodbye.



Next question

Hi Justin I’m leah which song would you be most happy to never sing again.

Which song.Yeah.

“I want you back”

[Crowd simultaneously] Ohhh.Manyo didn’t have to sing it 500,000 times, okay.

Next question.

Wha’ssup i wanted to know what’s in your CD. Player right now.

My CD Player right now is Clipse, uh-huh, huh.

Hey Justin I’m Kelly. Do you believe in love at first sight.

Of course.

Did you fall in love with me?


Did you fall in love with me.

Did i?

Oh, yeah, baby.



You are a good sport, dude. Thanks so much, man that’s it right there. That wasn’t so bad ehh all right, man we’ll still hang out with Justin and hear more tracks off your album after no. 3 which happens to be on of your favorite new artists Avril Lavigne “sk8er boi”.

She’s in love with a sk8er boi


Avril Lavigne “sk8er boi” at 3. What about her has people lovin’ her.

I don’t know, man. You know what she says what she thinks and does what he she wants and —

A real

[Inaudible] About her.

Very unrehearsed and I think it is cool.

For sure. Amen to that.

She’s only like 17 right

Yeah, that’s really —

A couple years … I’m just kiddin’

Justin ha-ha.

Okay I’m serious now.

Yeah, all right we’re gonna play more music from your new album.

Route now or later.

After the short break. We’ll tea the people.

Got to make them wait.

You gotta wake.

Exactly come back after the break and we’ll find out no. 1 video in the country who grabbed it come back. TRL is gonna be right back


Yeah. We are back here in times square, trl comin’ at ya with my man Justin.


Ha-ha. Roll-playin’ here B.To get to the no. 2 video which is Nelly and Kelly Rowland and you worked with nelly obviously a couple times.


What was it like?

He’s super-duper talented man real quick in the studio and obviously he’s very creative, you know, uh, but a real chill, fun to work with. Good vibe, good people.

You guys are like friends now.


Did the relationship grow from like a working thing or were you guys friends before.

Well, we hung out a little bit on awards shows then you know we kind — got a chance to really kinda hang out when we good did the “what’s going on” record and dethe “girlfriend” remix and i did a song on his record called “work it”


I mean, yeah I’m — I almost, you know what’s so funny the last time I saw him were actually talkin’ and make sdeg a joke about doin’ an album together.

Wow like an R. Kelly

[Inaudible] Kinda thing.

I don’t know we’ll see right now we’ll take a look at Nelly and Kelly at no. 2 “Dilemma”


No. 2 right there Nelly featuring Kelly Rowland “Dilemma” same spot at friday. I want you to meet a co-host here on trl, I’ma tease her because she mentioned you the other day on the show and I.

Oh, yeah.

I don’t want to spark the pot about y’all hookin’ up now.

Uh, oh.

Lala, Justin, Justin Lala

Right but I already know him my uncle does security for *NSYNC.

Me and lala go way back.

We good way back. That rum more was like a year-and-a-half ago right?

Ladies, can you feel me yeah

[Cheering] Use]


So now, J., J. Everybody fiendin’ for the album so head them off with another truck.

One more truck this is me and bubba this is me and bubba:

Is that you?

Nah, that’s him.

Is there a special place you like to go to write certain things that inspire you to where?

I wrote in virginia and in L.A. Just for some reason I clicked creatively in those couple of environments grass is real green and I like to be around nature when I write

Yeah yeah,.

Don’t that sound sensitive


All right, dude so check it out going into the no. 1 video now and.

Yes, no. 1.

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