Justin Timberlake On MTV’s TRL Before VMA Performance

Justin Timberlake of *NSYNC hung out with Damien on MTV’s Total Request Live before his performance tonight at the MTV Video Music Awards. Justin talked about his first solo gig and his debut solo album ‘Justified’, which he had a little trouble finding out the release date for. Read on for a transcript.

Carson: So let’s check in with him right now. Damien, where are you at? What’s up?

Damien: This is Damien hanging out here and look who i found. Mr. Timberlake.

Justin: TRL.

Damien: Are you cool with that, Mr. Timberlake?

Justin: That’s good. It makes me feel grown up.

Damien: Like Bow Wow.

Justin: Now I’m Mr. Timberlake.

Damien: Let’s get down to business here. You’re up to three Moonmen with you and the guys ‘n sync. Ritz gone, up for best video of the year. You’re also up for girlfriend for best group and best pop video. Which one are you looking to take home?

Justin: I want all of them. I ain’t gonna lie.

Damien: Right.

Justin: I want all of them. I’ve started my own collection. Itch a wall in my house in ordinary of just VMA Moonmen.

— In orlando of just VMA Moonmen. I’m looking to add to that anyway I can.

Damien: Very cool, very cool. Let’s talk about the solo album. First of all, what’s the title and when it is going to drop?

Justin: If album title is called “justified” and the title — the date that it comes out.

Damien: Yes.

Justin: That’s what i meant to say, is — is it November 5th? November —

Damien: That’s good.

Justin: November 5th: The first week of November.

Damien: Buddy, come on.

Justin: I’ve got enough to worry about with this performance.

Damien: Seriously. Wait till they see that. One shot show. I gotta ask you this question. How is it different from an ‘n syncing album, because this is a solo effort?

Justin: I’ve done a lot of writing in the past year and it’s just more me. It’s — I don’t like it when people come and out they try to describe their sound, it’s little more urban or mop pop. I want people to get what they get from it and experience it for what it is. It’s more me. That’s what i can say about it.

Damien: I’m picking up a little Michael Jackson, maybe a Prince vibe on it?

Justin: Maybe. I think everybody takes from the influences and makes their own collection of what they do as an artist.

Damien: Very cool

Later on in the broadcast…

Damien: It’s radio city music hall for the Video Music Awards. The man, the myth, the legend. What have the guys —

Justin: The man, the myth, the myth.

Damien: The myth. Anyways. Anyway, we’re going to talk about the solo album. It comes out November 5th.

Justin: November 5th.

Damien: And what have the guys been saying? Have you talked to them? Have you played it for them?

Justin: I’ve played it for them. I’ll sometime mixing it and there’s a couple of vocal touch-ups I’m making on the record to kind of make myself feel better about it.

Damien: Did lance say you need to do this, was there any input whatsoever?

Justin: I haven’t played it for lance because he’s in Russia messing with the KGB.

Damien: He’s too busy in outer space. He’s not listening to CD’s these days. You’re performing the first sing, “like i love you.” The past two VMA’s you’ve done performances with your buddies *NSYNC and this is a total solo effort here. How weird is it going to be on stage and *NSYNC isn’t there. Like your guys, your boys. Is that going to feel weird?

Justin: We’ve been rehearsing for a while so the weirdness went away. So i like 14 dancers on the stage, too, so there’s people everywhere. But it’s going to be — it’s going to be weird and cool at the same time.

Damien: Good luck.

Justin: Thank you.

Damien: Have some fun.

Justin: I appreciate it, man.

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