Justin Timberlake Passes Alyssa Milano’s Beatles Dating Quiz

Us Weekly reports that before Alyssa Milano started dating Justin Timberlake, she gave the *NSYNC star a test to see if he was worthy. “She asked Justin to name five Beatles albums and to name two songs off each of them,” said an insider. Timberlake passed. Don’t expect Milano to confirm this story though, as a source revealed that during her recent interviews for her TV show ‘Charmed’, radio DJ’s were warned in advance that there could be “no questions about Justin, or if they asked a Justin question, she’d hang up,” according to a source.

Pay The Tab & Tip Or They’ll Tattle Timberlake

September 28, 2002 – While photos from Celebrity Vibe showed Justin Timberlake looked like he had a great time at Serafina on Wednesday, the *NSYNC star almost wasn’t served because of his thrifty habits. “Nobody wants to wait on him because he thinks he doesn’t have to pay or tip,” said one waitress. Timberlake eventually got served when a daring young waitress went to his table, but she noted, “I always get his credit card first.”

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6 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake Passes Alyssa Milano’s Beatles Dating Quiz

  1. eLgato says:

    Britney gave Justin a test too. It was one question. She asked Justin, “Who is Yoko Ono?”

  2. gwen says:


    I think that you are really obsessing over Justin because no one is going over to Nick or BSB post saying nasty things about them. You really need to get over it. Justin isn’t loosing sleep over your ass. Before you make dumb ass comments about other peoples mothers, know what you are talking about first. My mother doesn’t smoke crack. By the way, my mother was killed by a drunk driver.

  3. mellowyellow says:

    Elgato, you’re an idiot. Britney doesn’t even know who Yoko Ono is. At the Grammy pre-party, a reporter asked Justin who he identified more with, Beatles of Rolling Stones. He answered “Beatles” and then the reporter asked Britney if that made her Yoko Ono and she said “Who?, I’m sorry, I’m young” She’s the dumb ass, not Justin. And this story about Alyssa giving Justin a test sounds like bull crap to me.

    My mother died from Breast Cancer on July 1st of this year. I guess we have something in common. But we’d better be careful telling elgato that because she’ll probably find some way to make fun of us. She has no class whatsoever and I wouldn’t put it past her to use the fact that we lost our mothers to make fun of us because we’re Nsync fans.

  4. eLgato says:

    That was the point of the joke. You totally missed the punchline. I was saying that Britney asked Justin because she really didn’t know and was hoping he could tell her. My facts are right on the money.

    Mellowyellow is the idiot here. You, and all the other stupid Nsync fans totally missed the punch line. I KNOW Britney doesn’t know who Yoko Ono is. I was implying that she asked Justin hoping he’d be able to tell her. But your shallow brains didn’t get that. Doesn’t surprise me.

  5. mellowyellow says:

    Elgato always has something to say and it’s always rude. She/he even said that Justin is doing the Drunk Driving PSAs as publicity. She/he said “Justin profits off of other people’s deaths” Now that was totally uncalled for and rude (not to mention untrue). Now, I know there are Nsync fans that are rude but none that are as persistent and mean as Elgato. Even Nellysgirl has stopped posting here as much, but Elgato ALWAYS has something to say. And if Nellysgirl really did say she wanted Brian’s baby to die, I apologize because that DOES NOT reflect the opionions of other Nsync fans.

  6. ckj says:

    okay all, this is getting ridiculous all the nsyncers and all the Britney lovers need to get along. yeah Justin messed up by doing what he’s doing now, but you know what at least now people knows that he did not care for Britney as much as she did. it might be hard for some people to take but come on you spend 3 years with someone and within a month your dating someone else and within 5 months your publicly speaking about your sex life. Come on what kind of man would really do something like that, Justin would so i guess he is no man, but i think that is what Alyssa Milano knows she’s been around so she knows how to handle everything with maturity, the one thing though she would need to handle her new boyfriend with maturity now, come on she’s 29 and he’s 21 such a gap there. But good luck to the two of them because their going to need it.

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