Justin Timberlake Plays Flight Attendant On Supersonic Jet

The Sunday Mirror reports that during a recent flight from London to New York on the Concorde, Justin Timberlake insisted on helping out the cabin crew with their in-flight chores. The *NSYNC star grabbed a silver tray and started doling out food and drinks to the stunned VIP passengers.

Three Die On Their Way To Justin Timberlake Concert

May 23, 2003 – The Surrey Advertiser has news on the tragic auto accident that claimed two sisters and their cousin on the rain-swept M25 at Headley on their way to watch Justin’s concert. Still suffering from shock after the triple fatality, Bhavna Vaidya, the only one of the four passengers to survive the accident, said of the horrific event, “I got back into the car because I was dialing 999 and it was too noisy on the carriageway. The others stayed out because they were frightened another car would not see us in the bad weather conditions and go into the back of the car. We were all really looking forward to spending the evening together.”

Justin Timberlake Keeps ‘Em Guessing In Dublin

May 23, 2003 – ShowbizIreland.com reports Justin had journalists and photographers guessing last night over where he’d be partying following his gig at The Point Theatre in Dublin. He even fooled a host of Irish celebs who went to Lillies, not knowing the *NSYNC star went to the SPY nightclub instead. Justin reportedly was having such a great time dancing in SPY with so many pretty Irish girls that he couldn’t be bothered to go on to Lillies. Read more, including photos from Justin’s gig, and celebs who missed catching Timberlake afterwards, here.

Justin Promises Spectacle, Special Guests On Christina Tour

May 23, 2003 – Justin Timberlake revealed some details about his portion of the upcoming Justified and Stripped Tour with Christina Aguilera to MTV News. The *NSYNC star says, “I’ve added to the live sound that is already on the record.” He added, “I think fans can expect to see a spectacle. I’ll always come with something aesthetically pleasing, but at the same time … I don’t think you’ll walk away thinking it took away from the music,” he said. “My favorite moments are when I stand by myself and sing.” The tour kicks off June 6th in Phoenix, right after he hosts the MTV Movie Awards. Read more.

Man Thrown Out Of Gym For Bothering Justin Timberlake

May 23, 2003 – The Daily Mail reports Justin was working out in an LA Fitness in Marylebone on Wednesday when a man interrupted him by asking for his autograph for his girlfriend. When the *NSYNC star refused, the mystery man said, “I don’t like your music anyway,” and was promptly thrown out of the gym.

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