Justin Timberlake Plays Hoops Before Boston Gig

The Boston Globe reports *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake was spotted playing basketball Monday on the court at Sports Club/LA in the Ladder District and returned yesterday morning for a workout before the first of two concerts with Christina Aguilera at the FleetCenter. They add that a teen fan approached the singer on Monday asking for an autograph. Timberlake said yes but told the girl to get her parents and meet him at the front desk. She then ran and collected her parents, and he signed an autograph for her.

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6 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake Plays Hoops Before Boston Gig

  1. Misty83 says:

    My friend was in Boston at the time and she said she saw him sucking his friends huge ***** on the court after the game! sickening.

  2. britisdabestever says:

    WOW.. cool..he is working out a lot…lol he doesn’t need too his body is already so build!

  3. Stallion says:

    Please excuse Misty suck 88 dick a day. I bet that fan was happy to get that autograph. I don’t get the parent thing. He probably though that she was paid to get the autograph so she could put it on the internet and make money off of it or something like that.

  4. CanineKelley says:

    Does anyone remember the girl who filed a law suit claiming that Justin had physically and verbally assaulted her??? Well, I think there is a good chance that that might be why he asked her to get her parents. Think about it. If her parents are there, then there is less chance the girl could accuse him of anything inappropriate. Her parents would be there to supervise, since we don’t know just what age she was. It just says that she was a teen, but she could be under 18. And I could be wrong, but it makes sense to me. I wouldn’t want to take any chances. Although she may very well be a really nice girl…but he didn’t know her enough to be 100% sure. Anyway, I’m just guessing.

  5. Stallion says:

    That case was drop because there was a video camera taping the whole thing proving that Justin was innocent.

  6. CanineKelley says:

    Yeah, but he was kinda lucky. If I were in his shoes I wouldn’t want to have to do that again. What if next time there’s no camera? I mean, again, I am only guessing. I don’t know the real reason he had the girl get her parents. This is just what I think it may have been. *smiles*

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