Justin Timberlake Says *NSYNC Are Equal As Friends

Hip Online spoke with Justin Timberlake, Lance Bass, and of *NSYNC in their latest feature interview. Talking about whether certain guys in the group are more friendly with each other than others, Justin insisted, “I think that’s the best part about, that’s the part about *NSYNC that makes it extraordinary is, you know, we’re not just a group. You know, we’re friends and we started off as friends and, you know, all of us, we’re kind of like a big family now. So even if we weren’t, you know, *NSYNC as people know us like that, we like Joey said would still call each other on the phone and go hang out and go to movies, go to clubs, whatever. So nah.”

*NSYNC Perform ‘Electrifying Show’ In Buffalo

April 9, 2002 – Toni Ruberto of the Buffalo News reviewed the sold-out *NSYNC concert Sunday night at the HSBC Arena, calling it an “electrifying show”. Ruberto said, “These guys were immediately in sync with the crowd, with their music and with each other as they kept in time through vigorous dancing without losing a step.”

*NSYNC Guys Spotted In Chicago

April 9, 2002 – Bill Zwecker of The Chicago Sun Times reports Le Passage is still recovering from the after hours partying of *NSYNC’s and Justin Timberlake – who held court in the club’s exclusive Yow Bar while dancing well into the night. Bandmate had a more quiet evening hitting ‘Tony ‘N Tina’s Wedding’ at Piper’s Alley on Saturday night–joined by his parents.

*NSYNC Chat With AOL & Insist They Aren’t Splitting

April 9, 2002 – *NSYNC had a chat with AOL likely in support of their partnership agreement on their current tour. The guys talk about the scaled down tour, their earlier days, their close friendship, and the group’s future after the tour. On the later subject, Lance insisted, “We Are NOT Breaking Up! For sure!” Lance says they’ll start writing the next album while Justin added, “I don’t think at this point in our career that there’s any rush on when we should put our stuff out we wanna make sure that it’s what we want people to hear.”

*NSYNC’s IMAX Film Coming To WB

April 9, 2002 – Well it might not provide the same experience as watching it in an IMAX theater, but ‘*NSYNC: Bigger Than Live’ is going to hit your television screens April 25 on The WB at 8 PM. The 60 minute special was filmed during the group’s ‘No Strings Attached Tour’ and features performances and interviews with the group. WB Entertainment President Jordan Levin gushed, “*NSYNC is one of the most popular groups today, particularly with our target audience of teens and young adults.” The full story at zap2it.com has since been removed.

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