Justin Timberlake… Scared Little Boy

Contributed Anonymously:

It is time that Justin Timberlake stops acting like a little boy and more like the 22 year old man he is. As the days after the Super Bowl event go by the star keeps on repeating such things as: “I didn’t know this was going to happen,” “It wasn’t my fault,” “I’m so embarrassed,” and “This was Janet Jackson’s fault/responsibility.” On Access Hollywood they showed a clip of Justin saying “That was so awesome!” right after his Super Bowl performance. A few hours later when he saw all the fire he was getting all of the sudden it wasn’t his fault anymore. All of Justin’s little games and jokes have always worked well for him. His break up with made him look like the innocent one and made him look good. Now this one fails and he makes stupid excuses just so his music career doesn’t go down.

Justin teaches woman to have little dignity for themselves. His fans all follow him like “puppy dogs” and Justin’s in response refuses to sign autographs and treats them like crap. Come on Justin fans you deserve better than that. Stand up for yourselves. Justin didn’t even care the effect his choice of performance would have on others. He was just being his self centered self. JC who was supposed to perform in a football event is not going to be able to do that anymore because of the choice Justin made.

is proving that she is a bigger person that Justin by admitting that this whole thing was planned and offering a public apology. She is showing that she is the bigger person by doing this.

The Grammys have also shown in the last few days that it is better to be a liar and scared little boy that a mature woman by no longer allowing Janet to perform at the Grammys. What is wrong with this world we live in?

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