Justin Timberlake Shopping His Autobiography

Jeannette Walls of MSNBC.com reports *NSYNC star has been shopping his autobiography at the Frankfurt book fair. Bidding is “frantic” according to a source, and is said to have reached seven figures. “He’d put out feelers about doing a book a few years ago,” the source explained, “but at that point, he hadn’t had his heart broken by Britney. He hadn’t lived as much as he has now. And of course, there wasn’t Cameron.” As for Cameron Diaz, another source says their relationship has hit a new level. “She’s moved in with him and it’s intense,” blabbed the insider.

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8 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake Shopping His Autobiography

  1. jujusdevilchild says:

    Yet Another rumor from MSNBC, most of the Justin ones have turned out to be false. Whats with the autobiography rumors? This story is similar to the Britney one from a while back, about her writing some tell-all book about her relationships etc.. Both stories sound false. Why do young artists write these things now anyways? Westlife, Gareth, Robbie(at least he had drug problems, still no need for about 3 books), I think Brit wrote something like that and she’s possibly writing another one, and now Justin is rumored to be writing one. They’ve all got enough money, there’s no need. But again I think this is false.

  2. CARPEDIEM says:

    HA…. I was reading something about Justin and it said that he is threatening to sell the love letters Britney wrote him (while they were still together). How BITTER can you get. It’s probably not true, though. I don’t think he would stoop that low.

  3. jujusdevilchild says:

    Sounds like someone just cut out Fred and replaced it with Justin for that story. I’m sure that was the exact same thing that Fred was rumored to be doing. Or it may have been the Eminem/Mariah story. Who knows whoever it was about it sounded like crap. Plus Britney always said he wrote the letters to her. Anyways, if that were true it’d be just as bad as the thing about Britney writing some tell-all book about them, if that were true.

  4. CARPEDIEM says:

    The Britney tell-all wasn’t true, it was just a false rumor. So question: If this turned out to be true (Justin selling Brit’s love letters) what would you say?

  5. Krys10 says:

    I’d say do it! And then Brit should sell Justin’s. It’d be interesting to see what they write to each other.

  6. justincaseyestwo says:

    I’m sorry but at the age of 22 you have NOT lived enough life for an autobiography. Britney was a teenage love thing that ended and ended badly. All of us, been there done that, boring. Cameron is a several months fling. She has moved in with every man she she has more than a couple of months with – SO? BORING!!!!!!! We all know about the band, the music and how everything started and where it’s gone so far. So what else is new???? Get some REAL life under that belt before you start writing about it. Or is this another one of those phoney reporting things?? Why are these columnists around since most of the time they can’t get anything right?

  7. Musiic says:

    A book from Justin Randall Timberlake would be interesting…VERY INTERESTING. I hope he makes another CD though.

  8. jujusdevilchild says:

    Firstly, as I said before the Justin selling love letters isn’t even a rumor. That Britney book was never officially denied. And either way I personally dislike it when artists release these tell-all autobiographies, people in the UK do it all the time, one after the other. It’s annoying and it’s sad.

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