Justin Timberlake Sighting In Virginia Beach

Contributed by kissforlance: from was spotted walking down Atlantic Ave. holding hands with a brown haired girl in Virginia Beach, Virginia today. The radio station that this guy who saw him called in to said that it was all hush-hush and the radio stations could not talk about where he is and how long he would be here. But he is recording in a studio here in Va. Beach.

Justin Timberlake’s Fantasy Lunch Is With Cameron Diaz

May 6, 2002 – World Entertainment News Network reports that star Justin would like to focus his newly single attention on actress Cameron. When he was asked who he would invite to a fantasy Sunday lunch, Justin replied, “I would invite Cameron Diaz. Well, we’ve got to have a little eye candy, plus I’ve met her a few times already and she’s a great girl.”

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3 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake Sighting In Virginia Beach

  1. jenni says:

    I say we should just give the guy a break. He’s 21, single, and has never known much more than Britney his whole life. I think he deserves to live it up with whomever he wants. I know some will disagree, but come on you guys, he’s a talented young guy who deserves to have at least some normalcy in his life, regardless of what happened with Britney (which no one REALLY knows the truth about anyway). Maybe he’s just trying to have fun. Can we really blame him?

  2. Kaylie says:

    Well so far Justin’s been “seen” in Cali, Fl, Ny, LA, and now VA, shame since he hasn’t been in any of them. He’s been back home for a while now (not fl) and he’ll be arriving back down in FL later on today (the 10th).

  3. maddycole says:

    I assure you Justin Timberlake WAS in Va Beach as of the 10th. He arrived at The Beachhouse club around 1:30 am and then went to an after hours club named Shakespeare’s following that. He is here recording with The Neptunes.

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