Justin Timberlake To Dish The Dirt On Britney Spears

The Sun has more details on Justin Timberlake’s plan to write a brutally frank account of his relationship with Britney Spears when he pens his autobiography. A friend of the star said, “Justin has assured publishers he will be honest about everything, including Britney. He will explain why he split with Britney. He has hinted she cheated on him, but she has always denied that.”

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10 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake To Dish The Dirt On Britney Spears

  1. eLgato says:

    Justin can’t do anything without Britney. if he’d never dated Britney, his album would have bombed. every magazine said like I love you and senorita were horrible songs. the rest were Michael Jackson rejects, aka sloppy seconds. his 15 minutes are ticking away.

  2. Brinn says:

    I think it’s pretty rude to detail their relationship like that. But on the other hand, biographies are written every day and they do reveal everything the person thinks and feels, also what happens. There shouldn’t be an exception because his girlfriend happened to be famous. She was a big part of his life and he couldn’t detail his life without spilling the beans on her.

  3. CARPEDIEM says:

    If it is true, Justin should be ashamed. The only reason the publishers are interested is because of Britney. Justin and Britney have so little privacy as it is, why do something like this. I’m really starting to loss respect for him.

  4. iLoveAdamBrody says:

    ^^ Haha yeah right I think Nick Carter’s 15 minutes are ticking away as we speak. Wait Nick Carter is who again?

  5. RainWater says:

    I don’t believe this, it says Justin was furious after the dig Britney made about the size of his penis. Anyone looking at the tape knows she wasn’t talking about that. They only printed that to sell papers. Then again, Justin is very childish. He is definitely capable of this.

  6. LifeOrSomethingLikeIt says:

    I don’t think Justin or Britney even think about the other anymore, I doubt this is true. Seems like more tabloid fodder to sell papers. Britney and Justin stories sell, 2 years after the fact that they split. If the fans let it go, then the tabloids will too.

  7. dyin2bfamous says:

    I BELIEVE THIS! Justin is an A.S.S’, ‘Most people already believe that Britney cheated. He doing it for the money. Sellout of the year guys, remember that. Sellout of the year, give this beat boxing bastard the award.

    Sorry, I use to absolutely love the guy.’, ‘But he completely turned me off with his “I’m better than you are” attitude. His ego is just ridiculous now. I’ve never been a person to hate celebs because if they bothered me I just turned them off, but I hate JT now. I just need to start turning him off too, not read anything about him. Why bother hating someone who doesn’t know I’m alive. It’s silly when you think about it. I’m giving him so much energy.

  8. RainWater says:

    Well, I dislike him too’, ‘but you are right. You are giving him way too much energy, its not that crucial. Read about the people you like, ignore the one’s you don’t. Simple as that.

  9. Justincaseyestwo says:

    If this is true and it is his “AUTOBIOGRAPHY” then I will assume that not only will we read about Britney but we’ll also read all the good and bad about Cameron Diaz and all the women in between. If it is just a “let’s get even with Britney” book then it is NOT an autobiography. Either way, I sure would want to think twice if I was the one dating Justin or one of the one’s who HAS dated Justin. To get at the truth just find the publishers. There are plenty of people on here clever enough to do just that.

  10. cwaaft says:

    If Justin does that Cameron should drop him. You don’t continue to crap on a former love when you’re happy with a new love. Sounds like the boy isn’t over Britney yet. I lost all respect for Justin this past year. He’s built his career by dropping Britney’s name. I’d much prefer to see Bryan & Jaimie Spears beat the ***** out of him for the comments on the radio interview.

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