Justin Timberlake Turns Down Duran Duran Duet

Duran Duran photo

The Mirror reports star has snubbed a duet with at next month’s Brit Awards so that he can “chill out”. An insider tells explained, “He joined The Rolling Stones on stage in Toronto last year and it was felt a duet with Duran would have been amazing. But he said no because he wanted to chill, not perform.”

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4 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake Turns Down Duran Duran Duet

  1. lovepopnothaters says:

    Why would a musical legend like Duran Duran want to work with someone like Justin?

  2. jtluvak8 says:

    Bull crap. Justin WOULD NOT turn that down- At the VMAs last year, he was extremely excited to one, be on the same stage as them. “Duran Duran is on stage, y’all!,” And then at a press conference afterwards, they got a compliment (Justin and Duran Duran) about them being like the men of the night or something- I don’t remember, but then Justin humbly stepped back and said something like “no, no, these guys right here,” or something like that. But my point is, he WOULD NOT turn down a duet like this, and definitely not to “chill.”

  3. grprincess says:

    You see JT can get something Nick can never get and that is RESPECT.

  4. devil_of_the_paradise says:

    HELLO, this is The Mirror..so… it’s not true.

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