Justin Timberlake Wants A Woman Who Reminds Him Of Mom

The Sunday Mail reports Justin Timberlake’s grandfather Bill Bomar says that while the singer’s girlfriend Cameron Diaz is a ”super nice girl”, the star is looking for someone who reminds him of his mother Lynn. ”When the time’s right I’d be real proud if he found someone like my Lynn,” he said. “The pair of them are so close. Justin’s mom is always his top priority he’d love to find a girl just like her.” Bill was also beaming with pride about his grandson’s success. “I love that boy so much,” Bomar said. “He’s caring, kind and extremely giving. My wife Sadie and I are as proud as any two grandparents could be. He knows how much I love him and I know how much I mean to him. When he was a kid he used to sing to his granny and me. He loved music and was a natural performer but a real perfectionist. He might be this big star to everyone else but to me he’s just Justin, a nice, good, well-behaved young man I’m extremely proud of.”

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9 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake Wants A Woman Who Reminds Him Of Mom

  1. eLgato says:

    eww, he wants to sleep with his mom. Justin, the incest bastard from *NSYNC

  2. iLoveAdamBrody says:

    Even though I love Justin Timberlake, he really needs to stop talking about his mom. Its just gross and weird. But I still love you Justin!

    That is cute. Justin is such a great person and so is his family.

  3. jtluvak8 says:

    I thought this was kind of cute. Aww. I also heard after the VMAs, when Justin said he was raised on Johnny Cash by his Grandfather that Bill (well, bill has actually been sick for a while) and that he just sat in his chair with tears rolling down his eyes saying how proud he is. Aww. I wish I had family like that!

  4. dazeme11531 says:

    Is it so bad to want someone like your mom, if they’re a great person! Wow…u people need to get your minds outta the gutter! His family seems so nice and friendly and you just bash them for no apparent reason! WOW! **So, basically his granddad is saying he wont stay with Cameron… because he isn’t like Lynn….YES!

  5. popnicklover says:

    That’s disgusting! Imagine wanting someone like your mother, than you find that person, you sleep with them, and when you wake up, you answer them as “Mom” instead of whatever their names are! Disturbing. Justin is one sick-twisted boy. I’ll bet most of this has to do with not having a father figure growing up.

  6. angelM says:

    IF you guys read Cosmo and woman’s mags the guys in there also say they want a girl like their mom.No they don’t mean exactly like their mom. They want a caring wife who will be there for him.Justin doesn’t mean anything stupid like some of you may think.

  7. lovepopnothaters says:

    What information does this article give that we didn’t already know? Justin is a mama’s boy, a little sniveling pathetic fool, I don’t understand how Cameron can go out with him (okay yeah she is not very cute herself, but she can do better than that!) I wouldn’t touch that boy with a ten foot pole!

  8. CMB says:

    Ok, Justin’s a little weird, not to mention mama’s boy. I wonder what grandma Sadie has to say about this whole article… what about the Justified/Stripped Tour?

  9. jenblade says:

    Justin you’re obviously not contented with Cameron. You want a girl that is really like your mother, well Cameron looks like your mother too, I don’t know about the attitude if they’re the same

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