Justin Timberlake’s Acting Won’t Ruin ‘Edison’ No Matter What

Contributed anonymously:

I was at a website that provided a link to a script review for star Justin Timberlake’s new movie Edison. Basically they say that Justin’s character is meant to be someone who’s rather inexperienced so even if Justin’s acting is bad and he comes off as inexperienced, it might actually enhance his character’s believability. In short, Justin will more than likely come off looking good after this film, even if his acting is bad. Here’s the exact quote and a link to the script review.

The only obvious wild card is the casting of in his first feature film role. He’s a talented young man, who has yet to prove this particular skill. Luckily, this pivotal role in the film is that of a young, talented man yet to prove himself. So, at best, Timberlake could impress the entertainment community and launch an acting career; at worst, by fluke his inexperience may play to the part just enough to pull it off anyway.

The article at screenwriting.ugo.com has since been removed.

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