Justin Timberlake’s New Girlfriend?

Pictured below, Justin Timberlake of was spotted at a nightclub in Los Angeles on Friday night with whom Entertainment Tonight identified as a dancer who had appeared in one of *NSYNC’s videos. The couple is said to have partied all night and left together. Meanwhile, former girlfriend when asked at a press conference in London if she was in an intense relationship answered, “I wouldn’t say an intense relationship.”

Justin Timberlake's new girlfriend?

Will Smith Says Justin & Britney Should Work It Out

March 25, 2002 – CDNow.com reports Will Smith was asked on the red carpet of Sunday evening’s Oscars what he thought about the alleged breakup of Justin Timberlake of and Britney Spears. Will said, “They are a wonderful couple and they should work it out.” Will and wife Jada Pinkett Smith had to exit the Oscars early because one of their children had a high fever and ear infection.

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6 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake’s New Girlfriend?

  1. lil_moe says:

    I don’t know if this is actually his new girlfriend…or if him and Britney actually broke up…but i do know that this is the girl he was dancing with for their Grammy performance of “girlfriend”…and why does hanging out with a chick mean it is his girlfriend…do people find it that hard to believe that he actually has female friends?…hello people?

  2. crys says:

    This is just so funny. they said that this picture is of Justin Friday night in La with this girl..the funny part about it is that Justin doesn’t have shaved hair anymore….his hair has grown out!!! funny huh?

  3. EndIsNear says:

    Look at how many Timberlake teenies answered!
    Put a girl+Timberlake, with pic included, and what do you have?
    You have that Timberlake won.
    His plan is working, and also this site is his property.
    I’ve never saw a pic here, there’s always the link if someone wants to see the pics.
    What’s next, a Timberlake fiction, a Timberlake graphic, or maybe his entire album in mp3?
    This is so pathetic, and that girl is nothing than a ***** he payed, because he’s gay for sure.
    One thing only makes all of this very funny, that everyone can see how unbelievably UGLY he is.

  4. DiVa4LiFe says:

    Ok, Now I was just watching Extra! and they said they have confirmed that Justin is indeed seeing that brunette dancer he was at the club with, Her name was reportedly, Amber, but it’s actually Jenna Dujuan most recently she danced with the guys at the Grammy’s, according to Extra! he’s been flying her out to where he is, they recently spent a week in NYC. She got her break as a dancer for Janet Jackson, and she has a website.

  5. Ms_tOuGhGuRl says:

    is that really his girlfriend she is butt UGLY i mean omg her face is soo Greasy and gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    She looks Drunk for F*** Sakes
    that’s Disgusting
    And another thing who did her make up it looks like she put it on with her feet!

  6. jaycrazy3 says:

    This news article is completely stupid and useless, pointless, etc. I’m gonna speak up though, just for the hell of it. Y’all say that the chick is ugly, etc. Look at Justin in this pic! I’m a guy, I ain’t gay, but seriously, this is what would be considered a ‘bad pic’ of him! He ain’t posing for it, he looks like ***** and so does she! It’s not just her, it’s the quality of this photo… and for all of y’all saying that the chick looks greasy, etc. LOOK AT JUSTIN AGAIN!!! He looks just as frikkin’ “greasy” as her!!

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