Justin Timberlake’s Surprise Appearance At Gates’ CES Keynote

made a surprise appearance during the 2006 International Consumer Electronics Show keynote address by Bill Gates, Chairman and Chief Software Architect at Microsoft Corporation in Las Vegas, Nevada on Wednesday (January 4). After being introduced during a promotion of Microsoft and MTV’s upcoming URGE music service, Timberlake told the audience, “Well, thanks, hi, how are you doing? This is not my usual stage. (Laughter.) But thank you for having me here tonight. I’m here because I’m the type of artist who is always interested, I’m a consumer basically as well, I’m always interested in the newest and coolest things. And from what I’ve seen, and you guys showed me earlier, I really think URGE is going to be it. I mean, URGE offers artists like myself a new way to specifically reach our music fans with a ton of options to play, interact and buy music. And I’ve got a little secret, I want to let the cat out of the bag; when I release my new album this year, which by the way features Mr. Gates’s singing debut, we’ll be doing a duet — (laughter) — [singing] “Artistry and technology” — no? (Laughter.) Whatever. URGE and I will be doing — the point is URGE and I will be doing some new and creative things together, so I look forward to it and hope you guys look forward to it, and thank you for having me. It’s a pleasure to be here.” Check out a transcript, and watch Timberlake’s appearance during the keynote, 44 minutes in, at Microsoft.com.

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