Justin Would Be Flattered To Have Lookalike In Brit Video

*NSYNC star was interviewed by Metro in the UK last week. When asked how much ‘Cry Me A River’ is about him having a go at , Timberlake says, “As far as the lyrics of the song are concerned, not at all, really. But the concept of the video was dreamed up by director Francis Lawrence. He passed it by me and I loved the idea so we then worked on the details together – things like who to cast and how the script would play out. People may think there’s a war going on between me and her but that’s not really the case. The video is about me more than her anyway – it’s just a bit of fun.” Asked how he’d react if Britney returned the favor in her video, casting a Justin lookalike, he says, “I’d be very flattered that she thought me worth it.”

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