Justin’s Beyonce Crush Was The Final Straw For Spears

Bill Zwecker of the Chicago Sun-Times reports that sources close to *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake say he’s very smitten by Destiny’s Child ‘middle one’ Beyonce Knowles. Justin’s rep laughed off the report saying he’s “not very” serious about his crush with Beyonce. Some have speculated that his one-sided fascination with Knowles that was the final straw that broke the back of his long romance with Britney Spears. Meanwhile, Britney’s relationship with choreographer and dancer Brian Friedman is said to be developing, “It’s in the early stages, but she sure seems taken with him.”

There’s Life After Britney Spears For Justin Timberlake

April 23, 2002 – Cindy Adams of the New York Post reports Justin is moving on after his relationship for tabloid PR fodder with Britney. He’s come to New York, hired publicist Ken Sunshine (who also rep’s Leo DiCaprio), and is going solo. Adams says “Movies. Projects are lining up. He’s ready for his close-up. Also for sophisticated public relations. There is life after Britney.” Later in her column, she reports Britney was spotted smoking Marlboros at Mercury Hotel’s outdoor cafe in South Beach.

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8 thoughts on “Justin’s Beyonce Crush Was The Final Straw For Spears

  1. Shayme says:

    He’s not going solo. He’s going to do a solo cd but he is not going solo. Justin is not leaving *NSYNC is not breaking up! It’s hard to make it in the r&b market. So even if he did go solo it probably wouldn’t do to well.Plus if anybody’s going to go solo it should be Joey iI don’t know how many of you guys heard the song “ready to fall” off the On the Line soundtrack but it is so beautiful. *NSYNC rocks.* NSYNC #1 forever!

  2. annsangel says:

    I will support Justin just as I have supported Joey;s movie career- Just 2 days ago Joey made a announcement about his movie, why isn’t Justin allowed to pursue his dreams as the others. No one is making a big deal out of the group taken 8 mths off for Lance’s solo project to go to space, Nor are there any negative remarks about JC and his solo album, nor Chris’s Clothing line, why is Justin’s solo album, movies, etc any different. As a Nsync fan I support all their solo projects as well as the group. What are the other 4 suppose to do while Lance is off making millions on his space project- sit at home and wait. Gosh are we fans or only if the group does what we want it to do. And they all have pr people, Justin is the last to get one., Lance & Joey have had pr since they started acting, Chris has one for his clothing line, So Justin got one, big deal. I wish Nsync Fans had as much faith in the group as they themselves have for each other and back each other no matter what.

    Joey is to be in Alex Baldwin next movie- Cooper
    JC is working on a album and a duet on Justin’s album including producing and song writing

    Lance is going to space

    Chris is going to Europe promoting his clothing Line.

    Justin and JC are the two most passionate about music. Let them go and shine.

  3. EndIsNear says:

    There will be no life at all for Timberlake if he insist in this.
    What the hell does he want from the other 4 nsync and from Britney, blood?
    He was not satisfied of all the fake stunts, of all the fake news and of all the teenies fans that worship him, no, now he wants to destroy Britney’s career and he wants to destroy the other 4 Nsync.
    He’s much worse then I thought, he’s worse than the devil, he’s worse than Bin Laden, he’s a monster.

  4. SmilingMonkey says:

    That’s cruel. You really need a life, I see you’re a fan of Bin Laden or else you wouldn’t say that Justin is worse cause he’s a monster so basically you say that bin laden isn’t?
    Justin did not killed thousands of people so I suggest you keep your terrorism comments to yourself next time. It’s okay to dislike a celebrity but don’t bring out the bin laden subject to it. I think you’re seriously sick and a very very bitter person.

  5. BlackQueen says:

    Your really pathetic. I never thought I would ever come across a person as bitter as you. What did Justin do to you? Hey your not that girl he wouldn’t give an autograph to are you? You are really bitter, and obsessed. The end is near for you, because your on the edge, you’re about to fall. Honestly I hope you jump..Please do.

  6. Danisha says:

    Go ‘head BlackQueen! EndIsNear, you need to get a clue. Comparing Justin to Bin Laden? You’re the monster, here, not Justin. You obviously have some serious problems if you have this much hate for ANYONE. Go get some help, for real cause you need it.

    Now as for Justin’s solo album, word on the street is that it’s a traditional soul album mixed with modern r&b and some southern hip hop. I cannot wait to get it! I just wish he’d hurry up with it already!

  7. annsangel says:

    First End is near- I’m not a teenie, as a 25 yr old adult who works and decides what I like in music , I happen to see the truth not destruction as you evidently can only think about. We all realize nsync is growing up and we only wish them success as individuals as well as the group. As fans we will support them for as long as we want, not what you want. You need to grow up and seek help for a very disturbed mental problem.

  8. LilMands82 says:

    I’m an older fan as well, and I really love the music. Nsync as a whole are a great group…they have great harmonies and are very talented, but they also have a life outside of nsync. Just because they have side projects doesn’t mean its the end of the group. They’ve had side projects before and its not like they broke up. I will support them no matter what, but I see them in the business for a long time.

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