Justin’s Family Happy About Britney Break-Up

According to Justin Timberlake’s grandmother Sadie Bomar, the family is happy the star is no longer dating Britney Spears. “We are delighted they aren’t dating any more,” Bomar said. “The break-up has been good for him. He has been able to do a lot of song writing. Britney was a distraction.”

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7 thoughts on “Justin’s Family Happy About Britney Break-Up

  1. guccimama says:

    I don´t think she would say this in public…that´s totally saying your grandson is stupid for ever being with Brit. And besides, what woman would want to be second best in your love´s life? Of course another person in your life is a “distraction”..it´s just called love in other people’s eyes.

  2. Froot_Loop says:

    Yup, a very very very very MEAN grandma!!!! ….very!!

    I’m guessing she´s the overprotecting type (you know no one is good enough for her grandson), i don’t know i can just sense these things…lol

    If she said that about Britney, than gee I cant wait to hear what she says about Janet Jackson!!! a 30 something year old divorced African American woman!!

  3. nEsSaBaBiEboO says:

    Ha! Justin’s Gramma, eh? Well, I bet Britney could have been a distraction, but Justin was in love!! She doesn’t seem to like Brit much but I love Brit and Justin tons!! =P He probably has a lot to write about after this break~up, also.

  4. sweetcheeks says:

    Wow. You’re taking this personally, aren’t you? Just remember what Brit’s family members said about Justin and their relationship after they broke up. It’s only natural that family members take sides. Chill man.

  5. skiplest says:

    This article came from the Sun, which means that this story is just basically fake. People who actually believe their stories must be close-minded and stupid.

  6. LilMands82 says:

    Bitter much?? And obviously not too smart if you believe The Sun. You gotta stop taking things personally. Anytime you hear Justin’s name you automatically go all defensive. Could someone be jealous?

  7. gwen says:

    The only statement Justin’s grandmother said that actually came out of People magazine was that Justin and Britney were not going to get back together that the relationship was over. Some of you bullheaded fools need to stop dissing on his grandmother. You would not want anyone dissing on your grandmother. Anyone that believe the Sun tabloid magazine is an idiot.

    I think that some people have a problem with him dating a black girl. If you mention that he was linked to Beyonce Knowles or Janet Jackson, some people just get so damn hysterical than him being linked to Christina Or Jenna. Justin’s family is not like that at all. If I remember correctly, he did date a black girl in Millington, TN at one time. Justin’s family are some very nice people, not racists!

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