K Dollars Low-Tech Way Of Hacking Into Miley Cyrus’ Phone

The guy that allegedly hacked into Miley Cyrus’ cell phone is speaking out to Yahoo! Canada Tech Guide Chris Null about how he pulled off the maneuver on the ‘Hannah Montana’ star. Calling himself “K Dollars” instead of “Trainreq 2k8”, the hacker said he normally just has to call the cell phone company and pretend to be a supervisor, asking a customer service rep give him the information he needs to access the account.

“I’ve been doing this for years,” K explained. “It just always works. It isn’t new to the industry… both law enforcement and the ISPs know about it. They just choose to do nothing about it, at all.”

Interestingly, he claimed to have accessed Miley’s info via a T Mobile Sidekick in this story, but in a radio interview we posted earlier, the mystery man said it was from a Gmail account.

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