K-Fed Ready For Chart Battle With Justin Timberlake

A source close to Kevin Federline tells Star magazine that the rapper is ready to take on his wife Britney Spears’ ex-lover int he charts. “He’s incredibly jealous of Justin’s musical style, his sales and his popularity,” the insider said. With Britney getting K-Fed a good in the door with Jive Records, the source added that Kevin has “convinced himself that he’s going to be the next Justin, only better. Kevin even told a friend that he’s going to ‘pulverize’ Justin on the charts. He says he’s got the hottest producers in the business and that he can write killer rhymes and that all Justin has is a silly falsetto and a bad haircut.” When The New York Daily News contacted the former *NSYNC star’s manager Ken Sunshine, he laughed hysterically at the claim.

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