Kaci Brown Dealing With Myspace Hackers

Kaci Brown 'Instigator'

checked in with fans on her official web site’s forum on Monday (November 6). “Hey sweeties! Hope everyone had an amazing weekend,” Brown writes. “Several friends of mine and I went swimming after church Sunday. I can’t believe it was warm enough to swim in November. I’m only in the studio a few days this week, so my schedule should be a little less hectic. I’ll be sure to get online as often as possible. On a daily basis, I still don’t have internet access. There’ve been several questionable events happening on my personal myspace. Today is the first time I’ve logged in, in almost a week. Messages have been read, friends have been moved on my top (however many,) and friend requests have been denied. I, personally, have NOT been on. I don’t understand how people figure out ways to do this, and/or why they would. Anyway, I’m at a friends’ house now. Just wanted to check in and say hi! Love you all! Kac xo”

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