Kaci Brown Lashes Out At Poster Who Blamed Her Forbidden Love On Mom

lashed out at a poster on her official forum after a posting indicating that Kaci and Backstreet Boys star AJ McLean were “brick together”, adding, “screw the law, love has no age.” When the poster, ThAtSsOBrIcK, added “omg yes they should have like 12 kids, hopefully she will be a better mom then her own mother though,” the 17-year-old singer responded angrily. “For the record …. My mom is one of the sweetest, most caring, honest, genuine, selfless, humble, down to earth, respectful, considerate, and loving people in the world,” she writes. “I wouldn’t have made it this far without her support. She’s really held me together in really trying times. NONE OF YOU have any right to come on this, or ANY OTHER web site to talk about my mom, UNLESS you’ve met her and KNOW her personally. It’s one thing for you to be negative about me, but it’s another to talk about my mom. This site is about MY MUSIC, and nothing other than. I’d appreciate it if you could kindly refrain from talking about things you know nothing about.” Her February 18th message talked about her Valentine’s Day date with the 28-year-old boy bander (“My sweetheart is my first ‘sweetheart!’ We went to dinner at this Italian place down by the ocean! awww”).

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