Kaci Brown Reaches A Boiling Point With Her Critics

checked in with fans earlier today with an unusually formal message to her online tormentors, who appear mostly to be jealous fans of her boyfriend AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys. “Hey Guys! I have to send my apologies to all the supporters that have to sit back and read the off-putting comments on the forum,” the 17-year-old writes. “We’ve done everything we can, to ban their negative behavior. I’ve considered my options. I’ve tried to figure out how to solve this. To negate what everyone assumes to be true, I’m afraid, won’t get us anywhere. I don’t intend or desire to be viewed as I am by some. Setting my personal feelings aside, I will say only this-I would appreciate those who would respect my fans, family, and friends by not commenting at all, if you have nothing nice to say. Most sincerely.” ThAtSsObRiCk4 responded in the post, “LyKe OmG. KaCi you are tooo BrIcK, did AJ take you to Chuck E. Cheese for typing this out?”

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