Kaci Brown To Appear On ‘Soap Talk’

will be appearing on Tuesday’s ‘Soap Talk’ on the Soap network. The singer reminded fans of the appearance, while mocking her online tormentor “brick”. She writes, “HeY EvErYbOdY! HoW’s EvErYtHiNg GoInG? Haha… I hOpE yOu’Re AlL lYkE sO bRiCk!!! On a serious note, ‘Soap Talk’ is still slated for Tuesday March 28th. @ 8pm West Coast, and 11am and 11pm East Coast! WeLl, I’vE gOtTa GeT bAcK tO gReAsInG uP mY FaCe! PeAcE!!!! <3kAcI x o x o x o" Several apparent jealous fans of Backstreet Boys star AJ McLean, Brown's boyfriend, chimed in on the thread to harrass the singer, reinforcing negative stereotypes of the boy band's followers in the process.

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