Karaoke Fun For Paris And Nick As Sex Video Ex Watches

The New York Daily News hears that Paris Hilton had a reunion of sorts Monday night in Park City, Utah, with her sex video co-star, Rick Salomon. While Paris didn’t seem to notice him, her current boyfriend of the did seem to. After Paris finished a sultry rendition of ‘Bette Davis Eyes’ by Kim Carnes tune, Carter climbed on stage to show off his own singing prowess. An hour later, Paris sang the Lionel Richie song “Hello” to her ‘Simple Life’ co-star Nicole Richie. An audience member later claimed that Paris “has a really good voice.”

Fame Helps Paris Hilton Land Backstreet Boy

January 20, 2004 – A friend of Paris tells Star magazine the hotel heiress has had her eye on star Nick Carter for some time. “They first met about a year ago at a party,” the source revealed, “she had the hots for him, but he wouldn’t give her the time of day. But now that she’s famous…” While Paris’ rep denies she’s moved out of her house in Los Angeles, sources say ‘The Simple Life’ star has move to Carter’s home.

Paris Hilton And Nick Carter Roll Into Sundance

January 20, 2004 – Lloyd Grove of The New York Daily News is in Park City for Sundance and followed around Nick and his Paris. Grove described Carter as “a beefy, pleasant-faced fellow with a dyed-blond mop – seemed stuck together like bubblegum.” He says Paris kept announcing “I’m waiting for my boyfriend.” Or: “Where’s my boyfriend? Where’s my boyfriend?” Or, more desperately: “Where the fu** is my boyfriend?” And later, the couple got into a tiff.

Nick Carter All Over Paris Hilton In Park City

January 19, 2004 – WENN reports Paris and Nick surprised onlookers at the Sundance Film Festival, because they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. “He kept sliding his hands down the top of her mini-skirt and slobbering all over her,” an onlooker at the Park City, Utah movie bash revealed.

Nick Carter And Paris Hilton Attend Stuff Magazine Bash

January 7, 2004 – Nick and Paris were on hand for the ‘Stuff Magazine Production of Pieces (Of Ass) After Party’ in the Forbidden City nightclub in Hollywood, California on Thursday (January 15). DailyCeleb has since removed the pictures.

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2 thoughts on “Karaoke Fun For Paris And Nick As Sex Video Ex Watches

  1. mnm says:

    Access Hollywood showed Randy Jackson a video tape of Paris’ performance of “Betty Davis Eyes” and Randy said, “this is lifestyles of the rich and confused”. No, I heard her, too, and I think she better stick to the acting and modeling. That Salomon guy must be stalking her.

  2. SelenaY143 says:

    My gosh I really hope Nick moves on with his life and find someone better. seriously. I’m getting really tired of Paris. Nick, please, get away from her!!! And Paris, singing?? OMG. This is total crap. I don’t even want to see her in music videos let alone HEAR her. OK, she doesn’t stand a chance. I don’t need to hear it. Go Nick! Sing your heart out!

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